Review: Phonak Audeo M70R

I am 22 years old and my loss is moderate to severe. A few days ago i have my Phonak Audeo M70R and these my first impressions.

-I hear all the voices in a very clear way, its very good and i am completely satisfied with my new hearing aids
-For a few weeks my audioprotesist i enable my self only the autosense 3.0 and i feel that deserves some adjustments. especially when they talk to me behind me, sometimes I listen to them very low. My voice also heard something weird, the ambient sounds are very filtered (for example the sound of the plates and cutlery) and my steps are not heard. I guess a couple of adjustments and everything will improve.
-The music by bluetooth is the biggest disappointment, I have used other hearing aids that the music was really bad but I thought that the phonak audeo M70 were going to be heard like normal headphones and it is not like that. Luckily, hearing aids are very small to the point that if you put on-ear headphones they don’t bother (in my case, skullycandy hesh 2). Anyway, bluetooth connectivity to the phone is very useful to not miss messages or calls and it is also very useful to listen to whatsapp audios or videos because you only listen to it yourself .
-The rechargeable battery of hearing aids lasts more than one day, after 16 hours of use they have around 70%. A case comes in which you leave charging your phonak all night. If for some reason you must travel many hours you can charge them with a powerbank. Very satisfied with this! Forget about the damn batteries 312.
-In noisy environments I did not feel that I had a good performance, I am still evaluating if I need to adapt, if with some adjustments it improves or just the hearing aids do not do their job well. In a few weeks I will edit this point according to my impressions. Anyway I could listen and talk with people but I just felt that it could be better.

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with my new acquisition and I am sure that with some adjustments and with more time to adapt I will listen much better. Remember that I am only using autosense 3.0.
Really when you wear these prostheses you feel that you are going to listen to everything. I recommend these hearing aids although I cannot compare with Oticon, Widex, etc. because I have not tried them.


Glad you are happy with your aids. I have the same and despite initial adjustments in the automatic program I was not satisfied with performance in crowds, restaurants, etc. I went today for an appointment with my audio and she upgraded the firmware and added a couple of manual programs and so far so good. Good luck! I love my 70’s…