Review of Phonak Exelia Micro with Icom and remote

I am 46, and have been wearing hearing aids for 10 years now. I always had CICs, but got tired of them and needed some new ones so I first tried the Audibel LX500. Good hearing aid, but no bluetooth capabilities. Checked out the Phonak site, saw the exelias and got them with the icom and remote. I have seen alot of crazy prices out there for these but I got everything for $6800. I have worn them a week, compared them to the audilbels (then returned the audibels), and I really like these aids! First of all the BTE is great; no more plugged up feeling in my ears, the sound is more natural now, and the btes have sound reduction settings that are great for restaurants and noisy places. Plus, the exelias really are invisible. My hair is pretty short and light, but its tough to see the aids unless you really look for them, which is important to me…ALOT…these aids have so much more clarity to them then my old ones did. The sound reduction qualities are great, and I have 5 programs on mine, so I got the remote. The remote is good to manage the programs, turn the volume up or down where needed, and has the directional setting on it so if I want to hear someone behind me in a car better for example, I can turn the microphones that way with the remote. Plus I like being able to turn the aids up or down when I want. its pretty small and light so its not a hassle to find room for it. So, check plus on the quality of the hearing aids and a check on the remote (dont know if its worth $400, but I know I dont want to go without it so they got me)…now for the ICOM…I LOVE this Icom! I am on phone calls and conference calls all day. Having a phone call come through both ears is great for me. The icom is small; I wear it around my neck and under my shirt so you cant see it, and people hear me fine. It is invisible if you want it to be. Tap on the button (without taking it out) will answer a call, another tap will hang it up, and holding the button down will reject a call…the sound quality of the phone call is really excellent! You can also stream music through the icom (but not from an Iphone cause Iphone cant stream music).I connected my Ipod to the ICOM with a cable and turned it on. Excellent sounding music coming through my hearing aids…you really do have to experience it…there is alot more I could say about this product, but I love it so far…if anyone has specific questions I will try to answer them, but I wanted to let people know about this. If you are a busy professional that doesnt want anyone to see your hearing aids, but you want the highest qquality hearing available, I think its these aids…I have used sonic, audibel, and these. These are the best…I have no complaints about the others, but these are by far the best–a real step up for me.

Great, did your price include any insurance? Is the Icom itself insured? What is the warrenty on the ICOM?

Thank you