Reverberating sound from my h/a`s

Trying to describe to my audiologist the continual problem that I have which is making it difficult for me to understand what is being said…after using words like, echoing, hollowness, he asked if it was ‘reverberating’ which I guess it is. With that knowledge he decided to lower the high frequencies quite substantially. So I was hoping for a remarked improvement but it was not to be. Anyone have any suggestions what adjustment may help or do you think that should have given me more clarity?

The Phonak Q90s I am trialing have what I called a warble of hi frequency sounds – like the beep when the Mr Coffee turns off, or turn signals clicking, or seat belt not-connected. It sounds kind of like a bell instead of a beep. The audiologist said it is a feature of the devices that transforms and lowers hi frequencies. It sounds good to me.

I have the same issue with my Phonak Audeo Q70s. I was having issues with sounds not sounding right. Then I played pure sine waves
(see Tone Synthesizer by David Tulga ) and heard the warble, starting at 2500 Hz at 60 Db. I’m driving my audiologist crazy with my pickiness, spectrograms, etc., but this is a deal breaker.


Frequ: L/R
0250: 35/40
0500: 30/35
1000: 20/30
2000: 20/35
3000: 30/60
4000: 55/60
6000: 55/75