Revera by Rexton

I went yesterday for a new hearing test and to see about getting new hearing aids. The hearing specialist has suggested that I switch from ITE to a BTE. I had BTE years ago when I was in my 20’s and later have had two pair of ITE. I am now close to 50 and the pair I have now is 8 years old and the right one has not worked in a long time, so I have just been wearing one hearing aid. I now know that I need to be wearing both and am looking for new aids.

The specialist has suggested a Revera by Rexton and I cannot seem to find anything in this forum regarding this brand. Does anyone have this aid and can you tell me if it really does what all it says it will do? And do you like them.

This specialist told me that all hearing aids are made by about 5 different manufacturers and they just put the different names on them. I just wonder what someone can tell me about Rexton and the Revera in particular. Thanks for any imput or advice.

william demant = oticon + bernafon
Siemens = Siemiens + rexton + am
GN = Resound + beltone + danavox?

u get the picture


Thanks for the reply. I understand that they are all sorta of made by the same company. Still looking for anyone that can tell me about the Revera by Rexton. Anyone have this particular aid and does it work well for them?

Ducky, I tried the Rexton Revera BTE open ear and really did like it; I am new to hearing aids, however, have tried CIC with little success and I find that the BTE open ear is more cosemeticaly appealing as it hardly shows. I did like the Revera BTE open ear and they are made by Simiens, however, I heard that Simiens was getting ready to let the Simiens Centra be sold under the Rexton name as Revo and I decided to try them as they are a newer technology and I thought that the mike directly to the ear would be an advantage. I am not completely sure that the Revo is better than the Revera, especally if you have a lot of wax build up. I do think that you will be pleased with Rexton as it is a very good hearing aid and you are paying much less than the same aid under the Simiens name. I am still in the adjusting stages as I have had the Revo for only two weeks and I did get some wax build up. I am the first one to get the Revo from my specialist as I had read that Rexton was ready to market them and he called and had them send a pair for me; so I guess that I am kinda of a test case for him being the first one he has fitted with the Revo. As I said, I think you will be happy with Rexton, whether you go with the Revera or Revo. I know that Rexton is much less expensive than Simiens and you are getting an aid that was marketed by Simiens as they own Rexton. Good Luck!:slight_smile:

Thank you BluSu for your reply. My Hearing Specialist just told me today about Simiems Centra being almost the same aid just marketed under the simiens name while the Revera is marketed under the Rexton name. He did say that the Simiens Centra had 16 bans where the Rexton Revera only has 14 bans.

I thought I might look through the forum and see who all has the Simiens Centra and what they thought of it, since I had not had much of a response on the Rexton Revera.

I have also decided to go with the Rexton Revera, but not open ear. I’ve decided to go on and use the ear mold instead, as the open ear with the holes caused too much feed back. I think I will hear a better with the ear mold and little wider tubing and I my hair will hide it anyway. I am really of the age now where hearing is actually more important to me than what it looks like. :smiley:

Thanks again for your response.

Ducky, think you will be very pleased with the Rexton Revera; I really do like the BTE open ear and you can get different ear buds. Sounds like you are making the decision that is best for you and that is what we all have to do. I am now wearing the Rexton Revo Plus on a trial basis and will probably be keeping them after some fine tuning. Be sure to keep going back until you are comfortable with your HA. It takes a lot of time to adjust to them and to get the right fit for you. I wish you the best of luck and know that you will be pleased to be hearing again. :slight_smile:

I look at Rexton wesbite. It seems Revera doesn’t have receiver in the canal but Revo does.
According to your experience. How does the sound different?

receiver in the canal
always sounds better regardless of the brand

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I have been wearing the Revo for about three months and I do like it; I had the Revera and I liked it, however, I do like the Revo better. I get no feed back at all with the Revo and I think that I hear a little better than I did with the Revera as the receiver fits directly into my ear. I am the first that my audi has fitted with the Revo and I do need to go back for some fine tuning, but over all, I think that the Revo is a really good hearing aid. This is the first HA that I have ever kept this long as I have returned several other brands. I think it is worth your time to give the Revo a try and in my case, it cost me the same as the Revera would have and I have a more advanced technology. :wink:

I am very happy with the Revera, but this is my first HA, so I have nothing to compare it to.

I too am new to HA’s and have gone to Costco to get the Rexton Rivera which I liked very much except that every now and then I get chirping/beeping. I then also tried the Phonak Audeo IV which are in the canal receiver. At first I really liked the Audeo but found that they were just no effective in loud environments and had a very high dinn. As for the Rivera’s I liked the fact that I had 3 programs I could change to on demand. I also changed out the dome that fits in the ear to one with holes in it completely stopped the “in the can” feeling I was getting from one ear.

All in all I like the Revera best but am going to try the Revo as Costco just got them in. I am torn between sticking with Costco or going on Ebay and buying the Siemens Centra or Centra Life which is an upgrade not to mention saving 30%!!

I found out that most fitters will charge upwards of $500 for a year of service/fittings and check outs even if you do not buy from them.

Thoughts are welcome.

i would suggest to buy it @ the local dealer (costo)

you do not only by the hearing aid but also the support and how

the instrument is fitted…

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My audi said Rexton is lower tech of Siemens and markets for ppl with medical use…and won’t let me try them.

Sounds to me like he can’t compete with the Costco price. I am very satisfied with my Rexton Rivera. I can’t imagine that paying significantly more for the Siemens Sentra is good for anyone other than the Audi that is trying to put down a competing product. The folks on this board should confirm that Rexton is a fine product.

rexton is a siemens product…

The chirp in the Rivera, if it comes when it is quiet for a few minutes may be cured by setting the squelch in the fitting software.

I am not familiar with the Rivera software but I assume it has this provision.

Not pointing any fingers, but everyone should recognize that audiologists and dispensers most often make their living from the profit of selling aids and their services. Almost all manufacturers give the professionals, quantity discounts…so they can be biased to sell what they make the most money on. And of course the pro’s like to sell aids that they are familiar with and have had good results with low returns. Ed

you need to add also that some manufactures also offer free equipment
based on how many aids you order…

so thats a different incentive…

Know I recall some Big Pharma companies paying for Drs trip …
so it is not hearing aids only

Yes. I hope all understand that I don’t think anything is sinister or underhanded about the way manufacturers seek to retain their customer’s loyalty by giving freebies and quantity discounts. It’s done in every field that I know about.

Being human audiologists and dispensers get to know the factory rep and get to know the product and software of the their favored brands. As a hard of hearing person, I was always aware that the recommendations made by the pro’s were biased to some extent. Fortunately, most pro’s in the hearing aid field want to see their customers satisfied and keep their aids, so they usually are sincere in recommending a particular brand.

But also being human and having to pay the rent and receptionist they sometimes tend to push the higher priced model (more profit) when the mid-priced model would do just as well in the real world.

It is standard practice in all mercantile fields for a manufacturer to brand identical products differently to provide a degree of exclusivity for different classes or types of retailing. This has the advantage of reducing cross shopping by the end users. As far as I can see Rexton is just re branded Siemens. Maybe with tiny differences in marginal features.

Just my opinion, Ed

Find another audi; Rexton is a good HA; I have the Revo and I am very happy with it. :wink:

sigh i wish i could:(
but my hearing aids insurance only covers under her office (the closest one). The other offices that are covered are too far away from my home.
Finally I can only stick to the Siemens and still haven’t solved all my adjustment problems.:frowning: