Returning my Aids

Tomorrow I complete my 30 day evaluation and will return my HAs (Phonak Smart V). I just could not get comfortable and found that sounds seemed tinny and unreal. This after 3 adjustments during the trial period. Flushing the toilet made me jump looking for higher ground!! I stopped wearing them a few days ago and didn’t experience any change in my demeanor or outlook.

I assumed they would be a bigger help to my hearing, but maybe I expected too much??

I definitely felt hearing improvement when outdoors when birding. My wife is an avid birder and the hearing aids helped me participate to a higher degree.

Maybe I’m unduly influenced by the cost ($5K), but in any case, I am comfortable moving forward. I have no hesitancy trying this again in 2-3 years when I am in my 70’s and “older”.

Hz.250…500…1K…2K…3K…4K…6K…8 K

that’s a shame they didn’t work out for you - while I don’t like telling people they “need” hearing aids, your audiogram suggests you should benefit from them.
Also, it’s not going to be any easier adjusting to them in 2-3 years time…

I could be way off base on this one and am a complete noob when it comes to hearing aids, but I trialed three different brands - for two brands I trialed the top of the model and one a mid-range. The two top of the line ones sounded so much better than the mid-range one and I suspect it’s because of the “real sound” features that they have.

Murphy’s right. Try a different brand. I was never happy with the sound quality, amongst other things, with the Phonak aids I tried.

for this kind of loss you should be able to find something that suits you
try either siemens pure or oticon agil

Your audiogram suggests that you would benefit from properly fit hearing aids. A suggestion that may work for you: Get fit with devices that come with a remote and have your aids set lower than they should be…During the adjustment period you can increase the volume gradually until you get used to hearing many of the sounds you described. Not sure why the 30 day trial period though as the manufacturer always offers the dispenser 90 days…??

Keep trying and I would even suggest a mid level instrument if the higher cost is a concern.This will get more difficult later if you “put it off”.



Did you get live speech mapping?

No - I never heard of live speech mapping?

yeah - don’t give up Doug… I know money’s a factor… but there are a lot of reasons to stick it out , hang in there and get used to hearing again… you’ve got a good support network here- don’t put up with missing out anymore - life’s too short for nodding and smiling without having a clue what’s going on! :

Find a Costco and save yourself some money. Don’t give up.

DougD said in part…

Well for that price they better be “Gold Plated and Diamond Studded…!!”

Shi-Ku (Who’s HA’s aren’t Gold Plated and Diamond Studded…!!) Chishiki

Three years later, I decided to try again with another hearing test and HA trial. Had a much more thorough exam which showed similar results as three years ago. Outfitted with Oticon Acto miniRITE. Trial went amazing well so I bought them. I love them. Not sure how much of my original displeasure was mental or physical - probably a combination

Hi Doug,

After reading your post, i was confused until I went to look at the dates. Well, I’m glad you finally got a pair of HA’S that you liked, even if 3 years later. I’m sure most of it was just mental, as your audiogram showed you really needed them.

It does take awhile to adjust to the fact that we need help. It took me several years to finally wear one (only needed it in one ear at the time). After 5 years, i was told I would really benefit from wearing one in the other ear. It took me an entire year after that to purchase one…and I HAD been wearing an aid and could see how they benefited my life.

Anyway, happy listening!

Glad to see you found something that worked for you. I tried Phonak and couldn’t get used to the mechanical sound to them, but I liked the natural sound of Oticon and went with them, I guess that’s why there are over 20 manufacturers of hearing aids.

Phonak is probably not the best choice for u. I loved my Bernafon Verites from the moment I had it in my ears, even the sharp and loud sounds. Maybe u should try some other brands. Good luck. Life with ha is a much better life. :smiley:

Congrats, glad you found one that worked for you. There really is a big difference in the hearing aids themselves and the programmers. I tried 3 different aids from two different mfgrs and they were all different. The ones I have now, MicroTech have a great program for noisy situations. I can set it on this #2 program and not be bothered but clanking and metalic sounds. It’s a big help in noisy situations. It’s not that it helps me hear conversation better,it’s that it stops me from jumping out of my skin so I can listen to what’s being said.

I tried the Phonak audio s last year and had the same experience. I recently bought Oticon Alta and they are excellent hearing aids. I suggest you try Oticon. :slight_smile:


would you mind if I asked how much your Alta’s cost. My Audi quoted me, $7,200…I think that is too high and it’s because she doesn’t want to order them.


I think your audi is a little bit over on the price. I’ve seen Alta and Alta Pro pricing ranging from $2,400 per aid to a little over $3,000 per aid, so I would say she is about $1,000 over, unless her price included any of the Connectline accessories.

I do think I meant the Alta-pro. I’m going to ask her again how much, I also thought that was too high about a $1,000. I’d pay $500 more for HA that had a natural sound vs. a tinny one.