Returning HA to Costco

I bought the Rexton Cobalt at Costco and now have decided I should have purchased the Bernafon Verite, instead. It is so hard trying to decide in the 15 minutes that you get to walk around the store!! When I was there the store was empty so it was really difficult to tell anything.

I have been unhappy with my Cobalts and really was leaning to the Verites after all the favorable reviews for high frequency hearing loss that I have seen here when I first went to Costco. The hearing tech talked me into get the Cobalts even after I said I liked the Verite better. She said there had been many problems with the receivers in the Verite but from what I read here that is not the case.

I know they have a 90-day return policy. Has anyone else returned their hearing aids there for a different brand and what was their experience like?

In April of '09 I returned a pair of Cobalt 12’s for a refund. No problem whatsoever. I’d expect you’d have no trouble, otherwise why have a 90 day trial period.

I am not a hearing aid wearer myself but am a professional in the industry. By all means if you are not satisfied with your current aids then return them! you don’t wantto get stuck with those if they aren’t meeting your needs. If the Bernafons still aren’t giving you what you are looking for then seek help at a different facility. I know they may be a bit more expensive at another facility but better to pay a little more and have something that you are happy with.

You should not have an issue, I have the Verite with Sound Gate, they have been great.

Good luck

You can’t judge a hearing aid in 15 min. But jay_man says they have a 90 day trial period, so returning them should not be a problem. Keep in mind that it is normal to take hearing aids back for further adjustments during the trial period. I have been wearing aids for over 30 yrs and I can never ever remember buying aids and never getting them adjusted further. There also may be a state law determining how long a minimum trial period must be.

do you mind me asking what were the problems with your cobalts?

I did the same. I pick up my Bernafon Vetites today. I will let you know how it goes. The Cobalt Bluetooth is garbage.

Flip, Please let me know what you think of the Verites vs. the Cobalts. How long did you wear your Cobalts?

SSR, The problems with my Cobalts has been severe feedback. At times someone would walk past me and my HA would start whistling. I can’t hug anyone because the HA will go crazy. It is embarrassing. I have worn HA for many years and my analog in the canal aids didn’t have half as much feedback as these have had so far.

Also, I had an important mtg. with my boss yesterday and of course, an hour before my mtg. my left hearing aid stopped working. I thought the battery must be dead but when I tried the 2 brand new spare batteries I had with me, it still didn’t work. I had to strain to hear my boss–Very disappointed.

I only got feedback while in a hotel room. I still had a hard time with speach. I had them for 2 months and went through 3 bluetooth adapters. The features of the bluetooth were very limited, and evertime I turned my head I got static since the transmission is line of site.
I am anxous for my 4:00 apt to get the Verites. The drawback to Costco is you have to return one set and get a refund, then order the new ones. So I have been deaf for 4 days.

You would think they would let you keep the Cobalts until the Verite arrive. Guess I will have to do that, too!!

I will be anxious to hear how the Verites and the Soundgate are working for you!! Congratulations!!

It was funny watching the manager trying to come up with $2900 cash. The had to make me a cash card and then use it to order the new ones. A pain yes, but 1/2 the price of the audi I went to, I’m not complaining (too much at least).

I got the Verites last night. So far I love the sound quality. I have not had many conversations yet, livig on the road not much social life.
As far as the bluetooth, there is no comparison. It is like getting a Lexus after having a horse and buggy. With the TEK, I would open my phone, and it would beep twice to tell me I had opened the phone, then turn itself on and off a couple of times while I dialed. With the Soundgate, I hit the button and the voice prompt from the phone asks for my command. This is not listed in the manual, but yes voice dialing works with the Soundgate.
The TEK was line of site, so if you turn your head, you get static. The SOundgate has a neck loop antenna, so head movement does not affect sound quality.
There is no display on the Soundgate to tell you the volume setting, and no trebble boost, but since the display is upside down in the TEX and the mic on the bottom of the unit, it was not very useful.

I would say from what I have experienced that the Cobalt is not even in the same class as the Verite.

It’s not just you who’s noticed that. It’s about the best value package around at the minute for most high-frequncy hearing losses. I’ve also had some good results with the Veras Nano and the ITC-D versions for people with flatter losses.

It brings the whole mid-range vs. top-product argument into quite sharp focus.

The Soundgate happily supports the voice dail on my Nokia E51 too.

Flip, great review!

I am so excited to give the Verites another try, just called Costco and I am going this week!! I wasn’t interested in the TEK but the Soundgate sounds really great so far. I am anxious to try it with my iPhone.

One concern I have with the Soundgate is that I do not seem to be getting much if any stereo separation. I’m wondering if they just transmit the same signal to both ears.

I believe that the Soundgate is exactly the same as the Streamer. It delivers the same signal to both ears. The Streamer’s one downfall is that it is not in stereo.

I purchased my 1st hearing aids from Costco about one month ago.

Selected Bernifon Verite at the suggestion of of the Audio who was wearing this model and said he had tried all three brand’s top models that the store carries, ( Rexton, Bernafon, & one other ) and that Verite as the clearest sound, best amplitude limiting, least feedback, etc.

Price was US $ 1299 each with tullip receivers in canal (very comfortable).

The basic Remote Control was out of stock, so they gave me the SoundGate combination blue tooth receiver / remote for only US $ 99 !

I love the new hearing aids ! One tripback to the store to creat a new programme for better voice comprehension in high noise.

After seeing 2 audi’s and considering several models, I finally ordered my new HA’s from Costco yesterday. I got the Bernafon Verite’s and am very hopeful that they’ll work well for me. When I originally went to Costco’s I was particularly interested in the Cobalt’s - because they’re supposedly the same model as the Siemens Pure 700, and that’s what the other audi was recommending – but I tried them for almost an hour in the store - and there was a tinny sound that just didn’t sound right. When I tried the Verite’s - also for close to an hour - it was 100% better. Hopefully their Channel-Free technology will do the trick for me. I pick them up on Tuesday and feel like a kid at Christmas! (Plus - I saved a ton of $$ not going with the Siemens.)

I am trying out a pair of Bernafon Verite aids right now. Reading here, I am getting the impression that these aids are especially good for high frequency loss. My loss is more of a cookie bite, although that is changing with time somewhat. I’m wondering if these are a good aid for me considering I don’t have the typical ski slop loss. Could the channel free technology be a benefit to me? I’m asking because I haven’t tried anything else and wonder if I should. These are pretty technical questions but I hope someone has some insight.


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