Retention guard on open fit hearing aids

I am new to hearing aids and I am wondering, is anyone else affected by the retention guard on the tube for the BTE open fit hearing aid? My left ear kept popping the little guard out of my ear bowl, I trimmed it down some, but my ears still feel uncomfortable. If the dome is fitting snug, is there any reason that the extra little piece that fits in the ear bowl could not be trimmed off? In other words, as long as I don’t feel like they are going to fall out, would it hurt anything?

You can absolutely cut it off. It definitely won’t hurt anything.

if you can, try taking the dome off and slide the retention thingy off - if you cut it, there will still be a piece stuck to the receiver, and you don’t want to damage the receiver. it may be that the retention thingy is not in its proper place, which can cause a problem as well.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did it. :slight_smile: I switched back to the medium tubes (I was getting feedback with the smaller tubes) and I cut off the retention guard - relief! They don’t hurt now. Maybe when I order my next set of tubes, I will try the retention guards again, but it shouldn’t hurt (like really painful) to wear hearing aids. I have a desk job and would leave them out if I am doing anything that might get windy…like motorcycle riding or roller coasters (can’t hear anyway doing those).

Karen, mine are all one piece, no movement on the retention guard. I clipped it off closely and then smoothed it with an emery board so no piece to rub me wrong.