Restoring session -- Genie 2

Does anyone know how to restore one of previous sessions in Genie 2 , for Oticon OPN. I’ve just bought a spare part, and wanted to set them to the same settings as original pair. Now, both pairs are, in a way, reset (it’s not the way it was, and my programs are not in the aids anymore), so only location where I have my data from previous sessions, is on the computer. But I don’t know how to select a session and import its data into the aids. Sessions exist, but Genie does not give me options to read them into the aids. I remember that with Phonak aids it was quite straightforward: Select the session, import its data into aids, and things done. Can’t see anything similar with Genie 2. Any idea?

Double click exact session, then quit session with marking “save into hearing aids” in popup window

It’s not that simple - I can select client, but can’t do anything with sessions, and cannot select specific one.Even the cursor (prompt) won’t change to arrow… Please refer to the photo.

Click the triangle to the left of G00003 and then click any of the data below, is there any change?

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Try to fix Genie 2 with the installation file, perhaps its database tools are broken.

First you must export the client settings, and then you can import, I’m pretty sure it works like that on Phonak target as well. Try it and see what happens.