Restaurants are Noisy on PURPOSE!


per the today show this morning:


If average noise levels are at 90 dB, it’s an OSHA action (for any staff that wants to stick it to the boss) waiting to happen.

Two other takeaways:

  1. We’ve discussed this before, but it illustrates again: even people with normal hearing (assuming the on-air talent on Today doesn’t have undiagnosed hearing loss) have trouble hearing conversation in a noisy restaurant or party.

  2. The restaurant manager won’t say so in as many words, but restaurants like this don’t WANT older customers at least at peak time. They want a young vibe, people who (foolishly) aren’t put off by noisy environments because they’re going for hip.


I went into Hollisters at the mall last weekend to buy something for one of my teens, and turned around and walked out…it actually hurt! I’ve heard the employees there will get in trouble if they turn down the volume…corporate rules.


Yes I’ve experienced that too at Hollister’s. Abercrombie Fitch is the same in more than one location IMO. Again: going for a hip vibe, drive out the parents, at the expense of the workers’ hearing. Not smart. Some workers someday are going to sue.


My teens don’t like it, either. What a ridiculous policy…think of the money they lose because we parents end up walking out. I was looking for Xmas gifts this weekend and wouldn’t even to into A&F because of the noise.


If a store or restaurant is painful to your ears and you have to leave, go home, go to OSHA"s website and file a complaint. Your exposure level at 90db is only 2 hours before you can start having damage to your ears and at 100db it’s only 15 minutes. I’ve got to guess it’s only a matter of time before an employee files a lawsuit against one of these establishments and wins a lot of money and HA’s for life and a few OSHA reports regarding db levels and noise complaints are going to put the nail in the companies coffin so to speak.