Responsivness of video phones

To my knowledge, there are only 3 video phone manufactures: Caption Call, Captel, and Hamilton Captel. I use Caption Call and I find the delay from spoken word until it appears on the screen is much too long. Are the other video phones faster or better? I have used a different product “Innocaption” which translates word to text on telephones and it is very much faster. So I know the techonology is out there for a lightnig fast text response.

You don’t really explain what you mean by faster or better. But I seem to recall they all have a bit of delay. Enough so that the person you’re speaking to might wonder if they’re talking to an idiot. Plus you have to read it. So that adds to the delay. Beside all that the caption comes up based on an interpreter typing in what’s being said so obviously there’s going to be a delay.

The “Delay” is the time between when the speaker talks and when you can read it on your phone. It is too long a delay for me on on Caption Call On the other hand the time between talking and texting on Innocaption is negligible. I want to know if anyone has a better experience on the other two programs.

Does it matter. A delay is a delay so it prevents a smooth flowing conversation. So if you’re speaking to someone who doesn’t know the situation they’re wondering what’s going on. Haven’t used the system in a while but it used to be a third party typing in what the other person was saying. Maybe they don’t use that anymore. But thats the way they all used to work. With the infamous, could not understand what the other party said