Response to questions about the $2200 price in my signature

I bought the Epoq XWs a month ago (used) on Craigslist along with Streamer. They become available from time to time on EBay and Craigslist.

Search EBay for (oticon). Use Craiglook to search Craigslist for (oticon). Search the HA forums for chargeback rights for information on how to protect yourself when buying online.

It’s not exactly easy. You could receive broken aids. So your may need to use those credit card chargeback rights. Beware of missing pieces/cables and such. We don’t use the Streamer yet except for volume control.

Here’s the original Craigslist Ad:
Sorry, the picture was lost.

Many thanks for posting this, and for your warnings. It looks like your wife got a great deal - well done and I hope she enjoys her HAs.

No offense, but I am always amazed how people are willing to save money or cut costs on other people’s hearing aids. It’s just my opinion.:slight_smile:

No offense taken Hask. Though, I am a little confused about why you are amazed?? I think you are suggesting that I should not answer questions about saving money and cutting costs. If I understood your comment correctly, and this is what you are suggesting, then I don’t understand why?

Excerpt from question follows:
I’ve just started reading, and the signature on your posts got my attention (along with the great tips and pics). I hope you don’t think I’m too bold in asking you how and where you got such a great price for your wife’s HAs - it’s on my list of preferred models! Did you buy them new; when did you buy them; did you purchase any accessories (eg. streamer for bluetooth); how does she find the sound quality, bluetooth, telecoil, and FM compatibility (if used); where/how did you get such a great price?
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and helpful info on the forum, and I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my email.
With best regards
Xxxxx (Xxxxxx) </snip>

It’s her hearing. I just think if you want to cut costs, and there is nothing wrong with that, then it should be her decision.

All I’m saying is since it’s her hearing, and I have no problem in cutting costs, then it should be her decision. I just remember when my Mom needed hearing aids my dad decided they were too expensive. Hmmmm.

OIC. I didn’t push my wife into getting cheap aids. Yes, we did save money by getting them used. But these are top-of-the-line Oticon Epoq XWs. She is very happy with the Epoqs. She commented this is her best hearing experience is 30 years.

pvc, Very interesting and you should be commended for your resourcefulness and
sharing on the forum.
Having just gotten new Oticons, I still needed to finance a portion even with the money I saved up. I could not imagine what I would do if my wife or kids needed hearing aids also, I think I would definitely look into the cheaper alternatives then. `

RMinNJ: I agree.

PVC: While it is usually frowned upon to purchase HA’s over the internet (mostly due to scams, fly by night companies, fitting issues, product issues, etc.) I am glad to see you were able to find a bargain, and a reputable seller. It is all too often that we hear of people getting ripped off online, and it is a shame especially when it comes to devices such as hearing aids. Just remember to do your homework on the seller especially because of the economic environment we are currently in. Bravo on your thriftiness. I hope the HA’s serve you all well for years to come :wink: