Resound Unite

Hi all,

I’m getting my new Alera’s on Tuesday along with the wireless pack (streamer, remote and phone clip), I’m just wondering, will I be able to use the phone clip with anything that has bluetooth or just my phone? Like I have bluetooth on my laptop- could I then use it for Skype or would I have to use the streamer to listen and laptop mic for speaking? I’ve never had a bluetooth headset even so I have no idea how these things work! Also, if I were to buy an Ipod Touch would I be able to listen to music from it? I have an ipod atm with no bluetooth capabilities so I guess I can only use that at home with the streamer. I have had wireless headphones before so I guess the streamer will work like that?

Any opinions (or advice on the Alera’s!) welcomed.


I use my phone clip for listening to music on my iPod Touch while at work. It works fine, but it is not stereo and it a little thin on the bass. I also use the phone clip for listening to videos and such on my Mac.

I’ve never tried to use the mic on the phone clip when paired to computer, but I’ll bet it can be doen.

I use the phone clip with my iTouch, too, but I’m not really happy with it. Too many ‘dropouts’ make it distracting to listen to. Even when it’s right under my chin, I get dropouts on one side or the other. Do I perhaps have a faulty clip?

Actually I think rather than replacing my ipod I should buy a bluetooth receiver for it. Lx

I have not tried using mine with Skype. But I have streamed music from my iPhone and my iPad. Works ok, but like others have said, quality is lacking. I keep a good quality pair of ear buds in my laptop bag for when I want good sound quality.

FYI, you can pair the Unite Phone Clip with up to 8 devices. But, only one can be active at a time. Meaning, you can not have your cell and your iPod both active at the same time. The first device that syncs up keeps the Phone Clip connected. If you want to transfer to the iPod, you need to disconnect the first device first. If the device is your cell phone, you can power it off, or shutoff the bluetooth radio of the phone.

I have consistent call sync issues. I hear the ring thru the HA, so I know it is synced. But when I answer I do not hear anything. But they can hear me. If I transfer the call from Unite Clip to phone I can then hear them.

Good Luck

I doubt it would work for a call on your laptop. It’s possible though. Is the laptop capable of receiving from a bluetooth mic?

You can listen from other bluetooth devices with the phone clip.

Don, if your reading this, I made a interesting discovery today.

My wife complains bitterly that when I use he phone clip in my car, it sounds like I am in a hurricane. I didn’t believer her, so I called my office phone and left my self a long message while driving. I listened to it when I got back to my office, and she is right. The sound clip sounds horrible.

So, I then paired it to my El Cheapo Samsung flip phone and repeated the experiment. It sounds GREAT. Virtually no background noise. I called my and she confirmed that it is beautiful.

Apparently, the phone makes a big difference.

Same road, same speed? Very interesting. Was the volume of the message and phone call to your wife the same? What I mean is, did the volume sound the same to your wife, and when you listened to the message?

So either the Phone Clip is responding differently by being connected to the Samsung, or the Samsung is doing some noise reduction on the bluetooth connection?

Anybody have any ideas? Mine connects as a Bluetooth Headset. The other option is Handsfree I think?

Can you verify how your connection is paired (Headset or Handsfree)? I’m using a My Touch 4G (an HTC Android 2.2 phone). I don’t think I have any options on how to connect or pair but when I connect it is definitely as a “Headset” and not “Handsfree”.

Same road, same speed, same volume. I made a serious effort to compare apples to apples.

Both phones pair as headset.

I’m baffled, but I will going down to the Sprint store later this week and see if they can shed some light on this.