ReSound Unite Mini Microphone vs. Multi Mic

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I am considering buying a multi Mic for my Resound hearing aids. I might be able to buy it through Costco, but I am not sure since I did not buy the aids there. I could go through my Audi, but I think I will pay top dollar. This product is about $300 on Amazon and a bit less with Costco I think. I was just looking on Amazon and I see that they have the Mutli Mic for Resound and another which looks the same but is for GN Resound Unite Mini Microphone. The second one is $530. They look to be the same device, but I wonder does anyone know if there is a difference?



Read the two descriptions and you will understand the difference.

Thank you for your help. This compares the Micro Mic to the Multi mic of the two products I mentioned above, one is the Multi Mic ( the second description on your list and $300 price tag on Amazon called “Resound Multi Mic”) but the second one I mentioned is not called " GN ReSound Unite Mini Microphone by GN ReSound " perhaps the same but this is $540 on Amazon, so I don’t they are comparable.

I’ll start off by admitting that I don’t know. My suspicion is that this (Unite Mini Microphone) is an older model and is no longer sold by Resound. It’s not listed with other Resound accessories and it’s available on ebay for $29. The high price on Amazon may just be somebody trying to pricegouge. Again I don’t know. I do know that the MultiMic is generally well thought of.

I think @MDB is correct. Here are the current ReSound Hearing Aid accessories.

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e bay sells them used , but way cheaper. the multi mic is the better version. I have one I bought new on Amazon , and one I bought used at e bay. Both work fine

Thank you everyone for your help! I just bought on on ebay for $25! We will see how it does, couldn’t resist that price, it is a resale, but hard to pass up, 100% guaranteed!

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I bought mine from the same eBay seller and it works fine. Didn’t have a book or power cable but the cable is a standard cable and the manual is available online. I highly recommend this seller rakicomputers

I was just about to get aids with builtin telecoil when I discovered that Multi Mic also had telecoil, so I went for the smaller model aids without telecoil and got a Multi Mic. This also saves program places for other purposes since telecoil reception now comes as a stream.

Thanks for your vote of confidence! I received the unit yesterday and charged it. I downloaded a manual. It blinks red, then green for 2 seconds so according to the manual it is fully charged. It doesn’t seem to power on however. I press the on button for 1.5 secs, the green light comes on for 2 or 3 seconds and then goes out. Can you offer any help?

Thank you, Cynthia

I had a Phonak Compilot2 that acted like your Multi Mic. Turned out to be a bad battery.
Good luck

Sorry to hear this Cynthia. Mine turns on and continually blinks green. I’d contact the seller because I think he does take returns. Maybe he’ll simply replace. There was another member on here who had a similar issue with one purchased there and just returned the defective one and ordered another. I can’t find it now but you may be able to search and find it. My first one was good.

Yes, it is too bad, but honestly I have lost my confidence in this seller. They should have checked that it would charge before they shipped and it seems they did not. I need this product to work, so I am planning on going to Costco to get a new one.

That’s normal but then after 1 sec it should start flashing green - this video shows it. If it’s fully charged and it doesn’t behave like this, I think it has a bad battery.