Resound TV Streamer 2 First Impression & Questions

I got a TV streamer to demo and while I can hear the dialog great the first impressions are not very good. To start off with I cannot hear anything through my HA, but the streamer output. This will not work this way and I believe it may be adjustable to where I can hear the dialog and my wife or even my other speakers. I have a very nice DD5.1 setup and I still want to enjoy it. The only issue I have with the Resound HA’s is I cannot hear the dialog without turning up the volume too loud. I do not have this issue as bad with the old Phonak Nadia that I have. I was hoping to hear the dialog through the streamer and still hear some of my other speakers plus communicate with my wife while using the streamer. Is this possible?

Another issue is the dialog is a little tinny (sp) sounding. I have an Android phone and with the Resound Control App there are additional audio setting (blue) that do not come up with just the HA. Will these setting help?


I was able to adjust the HA volume with the Resound Control App. This helped a lot. I also talked to my Audi and she said she should be able to make some more adjustments to get the streamer to work better. I plan on watching a movie and some football this weekend to test it further before deciding on getting it are not.

Mine are set to have the microphones on, but reduced, when streaming through the Phone Clip+ or the TV transmitter. They can adjust the sound and make sure you are getting bass. Sometimes they forget that you have to get all the frequencies through the device when it is streaming, not just the frequencies where you have hearing loss.

The sound through the streaming devices is better than the sound through the air, for mine. Dialogue is better and music is better.

My audi adjusted my HA for the streamer where I can hear more bass. It sound great, but I still have one issue. The volume is always loud when I turn it on. I can adjust it using the Phone app, but it takes a while to do so. The audi made adjustments for this also, but it is still not right. I have to turn the streamer volume just about all the way down and the microphones all the way up to be comfortable with everything. Will the volume adjustments on the streamer itself just adjust the streamer volume? I have this setup behind my TV, so I have not checked.