Resound Sola 8 MIH?

Has anyone purchased or trialed the Resound Sola 8 mic-in-helix hearing aids at Costco ? I’m considering these for my severe to profound hearing loss, and they seem quite compelling.

They’re only compelling because of the price. But thats kind of like saying a bicycle has a compelling price compared to an automobile. If you’re only looking at price or at letters on a piece of paper as your criteria, then it is compelling. If you are looking at net benefit and effectiveness, then price becomes less important and the devices look less compelling. As far as the devices go, you get what you pay for in the long term.

You seem to be implying that they have negatives. What would you say they are ? I just sought to know what others think of them, in any detail they could offer. Relative to other HAs sold at Costco, they’re not necessarily compelling for price. For example, the KS6s are way cheaper.

I truly wasn’t trying to be specific about the Sola 8. I just want EVERYBODY to have their devices (whatever ones they choose) verified scientifically that they are performing as well as that patient’s loss requires. Do not rely on your first impression (good or bad), and do not rely on your gut or your anecdotal experiences. Rely on verification testing. It is very difficult. Research shows that people make buying decisions based on emotional reactions, but emotional reactions are often very inaccurate.

You can read technical specifications all day long and try to compare apples to oranges, but those specifications don’t communicate the real world differences between the two.

Mind if ask you what was compelling about the Resound Sola 8 as compared to the Kirkland Signature 6, if not the price? Because the only real difference is the logo on the side.

In all reality, hearing devices look so similar and the technical jargon in the spec sheets is so redundant, that most people don’t realize that what makes one devices work better is the software inside, far more than the hardware. And you just simply cannot see that on a spec sheet.

As it regards Resound-made hearing aids, it is no secret that I find them to have mediocre results in verification testing. I said it in another thread, but my experience with hundreds (if not thousands) of fittings, is that they provide just enough benefit to have people hear a difference and write a check. But in the long run, people find they are dissatisfied with them and start shopping for newer devices at a much faster rate. So from my perspective, that is the negative. But that is not to say the devices won’t work well for YOU. And I have had that patient (many times) who I could verify they heard better with a more expensive device, but the price literally made them sick to their stomach, so sacrificing SOME clarity to save a few thousand dollars was a worthwhile choice for them. That is your choice. BUT, coming back around to my initial statement… I want people to have the information (verification) so you can make an informed choice, not just go off your gut, or your sticker shock, or your first impression.

Thank you for your post, but I really think we are talking past each other. What you say is applicable to any hearing aid and tells me nothing at all about the hearing aid in question. The reason I asked about the MIH device is this - the MIH ‘form factor’ is new. I wanted to know from anyone who’s worn it, as to how is the new form factor like ? Does the mic stick in the ear lobe well ? If they’ve used ITE/ITC/CIC or BTE devices, how does things like gain, battery use etc compare with the new form factor ? How about how well it sticks in the ear without loosening ?

I do know the drill with tailoring a hearing aid specifically to the ear. I have been wearing hearing aids since the late 1980s. My question wasn’t about emotion vs science. I really just wanted to know about this particular form factor. There’s a reason why I mentioned MIH specifically, and not Sola 8 in general.

Ah, so I see. No problem. The MIH form factor is not that new. It has been around for a few years now. I have not had anyone complain about comfort or retention. Battery life is not affected significantly, either positive or negative. Directionality is positively affected, which is the main motivation behind the idea. I have never had a complaint about the form factor.

Costco has provided hundreds of thousands of hearing impaired individuals with hearing aids and they have done it well, simply read the tons of reviews online - please ignore the above individual’s negative comments as they include the traditional salesman run-around tactics to sway you back to non-costco dispensers. Sola 8 MIH is a great product & he is reaching for straws. Sola 8 MIH = ReSound Linx2 MIH without tinnitus masking.

To answer your query, the extended microphone sits well in the ear. Some pinna shapes do not agree with the style but 99% do. For severe to profound losses, the MIH Ultra Power can be effective but the fitting must be deep & on the tight side, so long as it is comfortable. The MIH can be used effectively on the telephone without deviation from traditional telephone use, which is a huge plus (even without telecoils). The MIH style gathers sound similar to the natural pinna, & many people comment on the natural sound quality & directional abilities of the style. Make sure you get a #13 battery as ReSound products tend to be battery hogs, but at $8.99 for 40 batteries, ya can’t really complain! Best of luck & always remember that Costco’s hearing aids products are simply re-branded non-Costco hearing aids, just like their hotdogs, washing detergent & rugs! Best of luck!

Thank you for that excellent response. Much appreciated. Yes, the Sola 8 sounded like Linx2 MIH . I wasn’t aware it didn’t have tinnitus masking, and I don’t need it. I own both Costco and non-Costco hearing aids right now, and this potential purchase simply replaces a 7 year old Rexton I got from Costco. All my HA battery purchases for the last several years are from there too. So I’ve long since been sold on Costco hearing :slight_smile:

Your answer suggest you wear a MIH hearing aid. Is that so ? Or do you happen to know someone who does ? I agree than with HP/UP receivers, a good fit in the ear makes or breaks the functionality of the HA. My Costco dispenser was also kind enough to talk to a few of her customers who wear this MIH product and gave me a couple of responses earlier today as well. One customer complained that the mic popped out of her ear once in a while, but the other had positive reviews.

Yes, my previous post definitely sounds like I am trying to “bad-mouth” Costco. ??? So many bad things to say… That nobody has complained about the form factor, battery life, or style… Yep, horrible, horrible things to say.

And how selfish I am that I recommend people get their fittings verified! This is the same recommendation that University Audiology programs recommend as well as Consumer Reports. The only people who DON’T recommend verification of one type or another are retail stores and low-end pushy sales people. I wonder why that is? If you are so confident in your products, why wouldn’t you recommend verification protocols?

I never said that Costco’s products NEVER work. I simply said to have it verified to make sure it is working well for you.

Costco does sell the same manufacturers as other dispensers. But the products are generally one generation out-dated. That may or may not make a difference (I say this because every dispenser has patients who are “difficult fits” This group of patients gets smaller with each successive generation of product, which leads me to believe that for some people, that one generation improvement can be the difference between success and failure). That’s why I say to have the fit verified. But why not practice full disclosure to your patients and let THEM make the choice instead of glossing over the differences?

Some Costcos DO provide verification service. Some do not. All I am saying is to get it verified. Sounds like horrible, self-serving advice, doesn’t it?

I have a couple of customers with them out in the real world. They work pretty well acoustically.

However - they go wrong - the mic ports block with wax and skin detritus from the ear - far more than conventional aids. Once you have counselled the customer through the extra cleaning they have to do, you get OKish reliability. Right upto the point where the mic wire sheathing begins to deteriorate - which it typically will in 12-18 months. On the previous version and the Resound be you could sort this out by swapping out the battery drawer which was where the mic was attached - on the current version it’s fixed to the aid body, which necessitates a return to the manufacturer. Given the the right and left will fail on this sort of cycle you are looking at being without one every nine months for a couple of weeks.

Having experienced the failures with the Be, I insisted Resound gave a 5 year warranty with the last set purchased as I couldn’t be charging the customer for a full repair every nine months. THe customer was adamant they didn’t want to go to a RIC.

Engineering wise it’s the equivalent of one of those space saver spare wheels - yes they will get you there, but perhaps don’t rely on it for the long haul.

Yes this is definitely something to consider as well. Those extended microphone casings wear out quickly. The microphone grills which clog up over a few months can be replaced free of charge by the clinic as ReSound provides them for free or you can be shown how to clear them at home. You have to weigh your benefits vs negatives. That being said, for a severe/profound case whereby the user does not want anything BTE, or for great telephone picku-up, an MIH can be worth the hassles.

Um bongo and fuhgettaboutit, thank you both for your great feedback as well!

Like Um Bongo, we also used this design, which really works well until the nice get plugged up with wax and dry skin and so many repairs, since the wires get bent, etc.

Since then, though, they have made improvements, making the wire thicker and adding a removal cord, etc.

Thanks. When did Resound start taking this real world usage feedback into account and make the wires thicker and add the removal cord ? Was it very recent ?