ReSound Smart Fit Question

I got my Noahlink Wireless delivered today. I got it new on ebay for $150. I connected it to my USB and with SmartFit I was able to set up a New Patient and connect to my Hearing Aids after turning off Bluetooth on the phone. The Noahlink software is built into the SmartFit program. I was able to see all my settings. I didn’t make any changes. My question is, is there a way to save the hearing aid settings in a file on the computer and review them offline from the hearing aids? It seems that once you close out a session you can only run a simulation that does not have your particular settings.

All good questions and comments best in the DIY area.

Yes and no, so you can export and save your settings, but you can’t open and review them as such, you’ll need the SmartFit software to view, you could of course do something similar if you have another PC.
Not sure if SmartFit has a comparison setting built-in.

How would you view them in the SmartFit without the hearing aids paired?

Good question, so you can’t open the file without connecting first? could you not open the file in simulation?

I was wrong. If you double click on the patient and select Session, then Fitting Data Created, you can open the saved fitting and view all your selections. I was also able to Export the Fitting to an XML file so that I can store it on a thumb drive so I don’t accidently bugger it.


What I did was create two patients. I created a costco initial patient where I copied the settings from the jabras and did not make any changes. Then I created a new profile where I make changes I want. If I want to revert, I go to the other profile and copy from computer to ha.

You can also Export the XML file created by the fitter and store it on your desktop or a thumb drive. Then if you ever need to restore you original settings, you can just import it back. I did that and created a Patient for just those settings.