Resound Smart 3D App programs

Quick Resound App question. Trialing a Quattro set. Wish it was the rechargeable one’s but the demo is the 13 battery one - which is another story. Anyway, the resound Smart 3d App only has “All-Around” and “restaurant” programs on it. Thought there was a “Music” program and maybe something else. Is this only obtainable by asking the audiologist to make it available, or is there something I did to not have it showing or available on the app?

Additionally, does the “music” program make a difference? Do people that listen to music or podcasts switch into that program or usually just leave it in “All-Around”? At the moment when listening to podcasts/music and even phone calls, the quality sounds more thin and harsher/sharper then the Signa NS’s I trialed last week. But I haven’t even had these 24 hours and I’m only now playing around with the App which I believe is going to help me adjust these to a better sound quality then the Signa’s. Currently having some trouble adjusting properly for the right environments, but so far I like better than the Signa’s. We’ll see…

Your audi needs to add the Music program to your hearing aid settings before it can be accessed using the Smart 3D app. If ReSound Assist is enabled, you can send a fine-tuning request to your audi and they can make the change remotely and download the new settings to your hearing aids. The Music program has less aggressive feedback cancellation settings than All-Around, which may improve your music listening experience.

yes your HA’s have to be set up with the program for it to show up on the app… I had the audi remove it i’ve tried it at live concerts and didn’t see a difference… also the harshness/sharpness can also be adjusted in the sound enhancer on the app… then have the audi permanently set it after you have found what you like … make sure to keep track of how you set it because when you open your battery doors at night and re-start in morning the settings go back to what the HA’s were originally set at… as far as the rechargeable version I have them and the battery life is EXCELLENT compared to other brand rechargeable HA’s including the RESound 3D

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I have the Quattro rechargeables. My audiologist didn’t set up a default Music program…only All-Around and Restaurant. However, it’s super easy to create your own customized setting, just as I did for music and other situations. For music, you should first be in All-Around. You can check the left/right volume sliders to determine if you need more or less boost to either ear. Then tap Sound Enhancer near the bottom of the screen to see more options. Play around with Bass, Middle and Treble to achieve the optimal results for your hearing loss. Once you have things to your liking, tap on Add a Favorite at bottom right of screen. You can then name your new custom program setting as MUSIC, or anything else. For myself, I’ve created MUSIC-1, MUSIC-2, TV, HOME, CAR, SPEAKERPHONE, etc. You can make further adjustments to any of your saved programs at any time and then tap “Save” on the Sound Enhancer screen. The only programs you cannot change are the defaults set up by your audiologist; only s/he can do that. Hope this helps.

It does. You hear more of everything, including background noise. But because you’re hearing sound that’s not been as specially processed as it can be in the other 3 “default” program settings, All-Around, Restaurant, and Outdoors, it sounds more natural (to me). A great suggestion made by Mark Chambers is that if you’re in a car listening to music over the air from your car radio, turn down your HA mic volume a bit and turn up your car radio. You’ve increased the amplitude of what you want to hear and turned down the volume of what you don’t want to hear, i.e., the road noise. For music listening, where one can keep background noise down, I much prefer the Music program.

Your audiogram is different than mine. I have Quattro 9 61’s. Unless I really turn my volume up, where I get a little bit of tinny reverberation on loud sounds, the Quattro’s sound perfectly natural to me. I am not aware of when I have them in vs. when I don’t have them in if I’m not missing the high frequency compensation that I need. These are the only HA’s I’ve ever worn and I’ve been delighted with them since the moment I put them on. Don’t know if it’s true of all HA’s but I do feel that soft noises are amplified to be louder than they should be a bit. I don’t have any problem with sudden loud noises, though. The software handles those pretty well for me.

Strange that the audi did not insert all the 4 basic programs or ask you whether you wanted them or not. The ReSound Connectivity manual depicts those four basic programs on a number of illustrations so it would seem ReSound expects them to be present and active. I vaguely remember that all four default programs are shown in the DEMO mode of the app, too.

Interesting that you mention this. I upgraded from 3D’s to Quattros recently. Overall they’re much better, but feedback on the Music program is an issue for me. I use Music in the car, where I do most of my music listening. Even with Music being set to much lower gain than the other programs, I get right ear feedback if I turn my head even slightly to the right, bringing the aid closer to the headrest. I don’t recall this ever happening with my 3D’s. Hopefully it’ll be addressed at my next scheduled audiologist visit in a week. For now I’m trying All-Around in the car for music listening.

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I have had the rechargeable Quattros, my 1st hearing aids, for nearly 3 months. The 4th standard program is “outdoors.” I use it quite a bit.

On the music program, I misunderstood (at first) and thought that was a program for streaming music. It isn’t. My audiologist said that program is for listening to live music or music not being streamed. I tried it with my car system and the road noise was HORRIBLE! (I will try turning the sound up on the car system and my hearing aids volume down–thanks for the tip.) When I stream music, in my case over Pandora, I created a “Pandora favorite” after monkeying around with the bass/midrange/treble to a setting that seems to work best for most of what I listen to.

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My Music feedback problem may be a blessing in disguise, since it’s forcing me to try All-Around for music from the car speakers. So far so good, with only local and relatively slow driving so far.

I’ve been leery of using a more processing-intensive program because of an earlier experience with different aids. Went on a 10 hour road trip right after getting my first trial aids (Phonak Audeo B Direct), and used their AutoSense program in the car. Wow did that make a hash of the music.

I used All-Around to listen to music from my car speakers, for a few hundred miles of driving. It was actually acceptable to me, as an accompaniment to driving. Nothing sounded discordant or otherwise unpleasant.

Now I’m back to using the Music program again, after my audiologist addressed the right ear feedback problem by dropping the gain in some frequencies so it was well below the gray filled curve in some graph in the fitting software. My left ear is much better and its gain was left untouched, so the music sounds ok now.

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I recently started trialing Costco Resound Vida hearing aids (aka Resound LiNX 3D 9). So far so good but the Smart 3D App (S3D) is stuck with a Restaurant program that has adjustable Microphone Directionality but fixed Noise Rejection (NR). Of course I want to immediately add an Adjustable NR to the Restaurant program.
The included S3D instructions do not explain how to do this, so has anyone discovered a procedure to do this directly from Smart 3D?

When you’re in the Restaurant program for the Smart 3D app and hit the Sound Enhancer button, you don’t see three sliders labeled Noise Reduction, Speech Focus, and Wind Noise Reduction? I have those three sliders and can tune the extent of each feature by moving its respective slider. (I have ReSound Quattro’s).

Thanks Jim,
Unfortunately, I see only the Speech Focus line below the words Bass, Middle, etc. That line has a very small circle on the left side (unknown function) and a large circle on the right (which, if pressed, displays the speech cone). No NR or Wind Noise.

Maybe there is an update? Edit: I have Smart 3D version 1.4.0.

Might be more dependent on the model of the Vida that you have. The ReSound Smart Fit software doesn’t even seem to list the Vida amongst ReSound hearing instruments - perhaps Costco uses a special version of Smart Fit (the hearing provider’s software for tuning a HA). But when I look at the lowest level model of the ReSound LiNX 3D, a LT561-DRW, that has both some noise reduction and wind reduction, although less of a range than the higher end models. The easiest answer to your problem would just be to call a Costco Hearing Aid Center and ask them directly what adjusments you have for Wind and Noise Reduction for your model Vida and whether you should have a control to adjust it yourself in the Smart 3D app. Rasmus Braun has posted a bunch of stuff about the Vida but looking through that, I don’t see a direct answer to what should show up in the Smart 3D app for a Vida user depending on the model. I don’t think Hearing Tracker even lists the gory spec details for a Vida on the main publicly facing website although they have those details available for premium hearing aids providing by private audiologists and providers working for HA chains. Hearing Tracker’s business model is probably not to boost sales at Costco…

Thanks for the info. My HAs are VA862-DRW.
Will try the Resound Support phone Monday. Audi next.