Resound Smart 3D app: Option to Optimize MFi connection... does it work?

Hello! I’m seeing in the Resound Smart 3D app an option to Optimize MFi Connection (this also was available to older Resound hearing aids that use the Resound Smart App).

I’m not sure it does anything. When I choose to enable it, a pop up comes up that says:

“The connection to your MFi (Made for iPhone) hearing aids will be optimized for increased stability and switching between multiple iOS devices. With this setting, ‘Find my hearing aid’ can only track location when you use the app.”

I know I won’t have a problem finding my hearing aid. But I assumed the setting might make connecting to the hearing aid faster, etc. But the prompt does emphasize both stability (in general?) and switching between iOS devices.

I will say, regardless of this setting, the newer app seems to connect faster to my new Resound ONE than the old app with my Resound Linx2. Better Bluetooth is likely one reason. But this question is focused on the feature mentioned above.

Anyone know?


I believe it is intended to make it easier to use your hearing aids with more than one device running the app. So the app is only connected when it is in the foreground (that is it’s the active app). Once it’s in the background it disconnects. It reconnects only when the app is used again.

Of course the hearing aids will still be connected to the original device (iPhone or iPad) unless you disconnect them.

I have Resound Ones and I leave it switched off and then my hearing aids stay connected to the app all the time if my iPhone is close by, so I don’t need to wait while the app reconnects before I can do something.

But @jim_lewis is more knowledgeable about these subtleties than me…


I have turned it on and off and didn’t notice anything. I had my aids connected to both my iPad and phone at one point but they will revert to one and I have problems getting them back to the other for streaming and such without a restart. I generally leave bt off on my iPad since I don’t use it with the aids much.

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Oh thanks for your comments! Yes, I’m going to leave it off. Otherwise, it does the reconnect to the app each time you open it. Thanks for that input. I appreciate it!

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Oh! David! Resound said their ONE would have hands-free calling that would be released in December (this month). I hope the more boxy look to the hearing aid and position of microphone makes for better voice input!

The AirPods out there do really well and they’re in the ear. The design is quite a bit different with a tiny thing that does come out of the ear a tiny bit. But I’m hoping the quality matches those.

Sorry to deviate from the topic. It’s December, so hopefully they do decide to release it on schedule! I asked them if they had a day planned, and they weren’t able to provide me with that information.

Sorry I know nothing about that.

No worries! If you’re interested:

And the official forum thread for this topic: ReSound One Hearing Aids Now Offer Hands-Free iPhone Streaming

Very interesting. The Smart 3D app says my hearing aid firmware is up to date, but I notice that Smart Fit 12 does have a firmware update that I haven’t done yet. I also haven’t done IOS 15.2 yet, but I probably will soon. I have iPhone 12 Pro so would be well placed if it all happens. Having said that, I get almost no phone calls these days because no-one uses the phone any more!

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So in regards to the update - I am guessing yours is saying it’s 4.x and the update is 9.x? That’s what mine, and at least one other person I’ve seen on here. I updated in smart fit (pc not phone app) and it worked although I’ve noticed no difference. Seems odd especially since I can’t find any documentation about what the versions do or fix.

I think Smart Fit says 20.x.y.z and yes my current firmware from the app is

20? Hmm I wonder if that’s the new version including using the mic with streaming…

I have Resound Enzo 3D, my aud turned it on. I just leave it switched on. Don’t know if it makes any difference or I need it switched on for my CI pairing.

Sorry, no. I just connected to Smart Fit and it’s offering for my Ones just like you said. I think the 20.x.y.z was my Quattros…

Do you know what the 9.x does compared with 4.x?

I haven’t noticed any difference.

I also looked in Smart Fit at my two pairs of Quattros. The one that has 13 batteries is on and that is the latest. The rechargeable pair is offered an update to but I haven’t done that yet. That’s probably where my 20 memory came from.