Resound Smart 3D app issue

I started a trial of Resound Enzo 3D this week. Using iPhone SE and downloaded latest version of app (1.7.0). Everything was great including connectivity until I created a “Favorite”. Starting with the “All Around” program, I tweaked the enhancements, named it as “Home” favorite and saved it. However, when I switched to the All Around program again, it now has the settings of the “Home” favorite program. I then “reset” the All Around program to go back to the default and that worked. However, when I changed to the Home program again and then returned to All Around, the same thing happened. Seems like the favorite is overwriting the default program? Would appreciate any info or experience with this issue.

Aside from the app issue - are you satisfied with your Resound Enzo 3D from a hearing stand point?

I’ve seen the same thing. When you return to the program that you created your favorite from, the settings of the favorite remain in the “parent” program until you reset it.

You could try creating a couple of favorites with one being the defaults on all around. When you switch between favorites you’ll see they do change properly. Whichever one you are on last will be the one the parent program (all around in this case) adopts when you switch back to all around.

I got my resound Quattros last June and the app has done this since then.

hold4triple, I’m still experimenting with the Enzo 3D to see if it helps me in noisy situations so the jury is still out. I like that I have the flexibility to fine tune the bass, treble by using the app. So I have been playing with adjustments for the past few days. I also demoed an Opticon Exceed and I prefer the Resound so far mainly because of its flexibility. The only thing that bothers me is a strange sound, not really an echo that occurs sometimes. I can’t seem to pin down what makes it occur but I will check with my audiologist.

narenkona, thank you for the suggestion. Not sure why a favorite would overwrite the parent program, but I will try your work-around and it should do the trick.

That’s a decent idea! Unfortunately the way that HOOPERON described the problem is just the way it is. On one of my Costco visits, I had a question that stumped my hearing aid specialist. So he got a Resound technician on the phone that confirmed that that is the intended operation and showed no interest in passing my request for a "fix"on to his support.

yes my master All Around prog. changes also on my quattros…
To fix it try this… I set up a favorite home program with a few tweaks like you did and then made a favorite outdoors program, the outdoors prog. mirrors my all around prog. but never changes like the all around prog. does to my home settings… In fact I never actually use the master all around prog. anymore, when I turn on my HA’s in the morning I have the gps setting turned on and they switch straight to my Fav. home prog. then when I go out I picked another gps point about 2 blocks from my home and it switches automatically to my Fav. outdoors prog. It’s great…
I love the app it’s the app I’ve ever had with HA’s

That is strange. I remember reading a Resound advertisement at some point that specifically said that a favorite can be saved without changing the original program. Can’t find it now but that is the way it should work.

Ureout, That sounds like a good approach. I hope to be able to do that someday but I’m still experimenting to find the adjustments for different environments that work. I also have a problem with fluctuating hearing, both volume and tones. So I was hoping to actually set up 2 different favorites for each environment; one for “good hear” days and “bad hear” days. Anyhow once determine what those settings are, I will try your work-around.