ReSound Smart 3D app iOS update 1.7.0 - 27 Feb. 2020

New today, Apple App Store.

What’s New

Version History Feb 27, 2020 Version 1.7.0

The app now supports video-calls with your HCP for remote finetuning of your hearing aid settings (please ask your hearing care professional for availability).

We have introduced support for new hearing aid form factors and solved several defects.

With the fiascoes with versions 1.5.x onward, I’m in no hurry. I stilll have some iOS 13 / Costco Resound Forte 8 (Linx 3D) issues, never resolved completely since Sept. 2019.

Post if you got more adventurous. :crazy_face:

I updated, seems OK. Only “problem” I see is the “1” on the icon and the “!” on MyResound. I really don’t use the app all that much, mostly just the 3 click quickie to change programs and volume. Do a lot of that with the buttons anyway. I never noticed the “Program Overview” before, don’t know if it is new but I like it. Puts everything where you can select without scrolling.