Resound Quattro tamps down output

This is the 2nd time my Quattro’s have had this problem. The first time, my Audi had both aids replaced. Before I go that route again, I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

About 3 weeks ago, the HAs started picking up a LOT of noise when rubbing anything against the HA body. If I touch my glasses, or the HA directly I hear a lot of loud rustling. Or when eating, my jaw movement making the glasses move a little makes a loud rustling noise.

Neither I nor my Audi had changed any settings. Last week I had the aids cleaned by my Audi. They also put a new ear mold in my right Aid - basically the same mold as before but with a little tail on it to make it stay in ear better.

Two days ago the aids started the following: When I’m in quiet, the aids actually stop picking up any sounds through the mics. e.g. normally I can rub my fingers together near my right ear and I can hear that via the aids. Now I get nothing. (My left ear is close to normal, so I can’t really test on that side)… However, if I start talking loudly, or if there is any noise that starts at around 50 db or above, in about 5-10 seconds the aids start picking up and sending the sounds again. I can then hear my rubbing fingers. The aids will work while there is noise above 50db. however once it gets quiet again, in about 20 seconds the aids clamp down again, and I don’t get anything until it gets loud again.

BTW: when it is in this quiet/clamped down state, touching the HA body DOES still make a lot of noise coming through. But does not make it start picking up external sounds.

Not sure at all what might have caused this, and whether there’s anything I can try in Resound Smartfit to correct it (either one of the issues - the HA body reacting to touching it with loud noise, or the clamp down).

I’m going to call my Audi and let them know this happened again and see what they say as well.