ReSound Quattro battery issue

I’ve only had my HA’s 3 days now. I’ma first time user. My right HA is losing charge much faster then my left. Even when I picked them up, the right was at 60 and the left was at 100. My audiologist told me to keep an eye on it. I’ve tried putting the aids in there opposite spots in the charger case, still does it. Anyone have any suggestions? I love them and would hate to have to send them in for repair already.

My ReSound Preza aids just came back from repair because the left was draining faster, and started shutting off and turning back on every few minutes. ReSound replaced the guts, and now the left holds a charge slightly better than the right one.

ReSound Preza is the Costco version of the Quattro.

Is your right ear audiogram slightly worse then your left? That’ll explain why it drains more battery.

Send it back - should be a swapover onto new units.

We ran into some battery longevity issues on new aids shipped in December/Jan. Your new replacements should carry the 20 prefix on the serial number - don’t accept ‘19 stock…

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The serial numbers do start with 20. I’m going to see if it really affects much for me since I only wear them maybe 8-12 hours a day max. I work 11p-7a so I typically only wear them 2p-5 or 6p. And on the weekends maybe 12 hours.

Have Resound swap it out. A gross disparity like this isn’t due to a difference in audiogram.

That’s the same battery issue that we’ve had. Just early short life failures. Get them swapped and make sure you get the 5 year warranty on them.

What are the specifics…No problems with my very early production Quattros… to the point my audiologist took them back when I went to Marvel. I am going back to Quattro but the type 88 BTE. Back to the 13 batteries for me.

It wont affect the Zinc battery version. It also didn’t seem to occur in the first few months of production. The issues seemed to happen from some late November to December ‘19. We’ve sent half a dozen pairs back from this period.

Thanks - was just curious. So a bad battery run.

Send them back and get through it… Not resound’s fault really. Just unfortunate.

Tell me more about the 5-year warranty on the batteries! I thought the whole rig was only warranted for 3 years, at least in the U.S.

We insisted that Resound offered a 5 year warranty on the sealed units after the issues with Z-Power and other failures on the Linx 3D. They agreed as part of our deal and we’ve had to exchange a significant number of units on early life failures.

We’re now also looking at the Opn SR as we can change the batteries in-house as a potential preferred alternative.

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Really, that will be a game changer for rechargeables, a brilliant idea from Oticon, possiblity the rest will follow as it’s a real pain having to return HAs for any battery problems.

Hmm, that might explain my high-frequency loss on two left ear units of my Quattro’s rather than any abuse on my part. My right ear is still going strong after 1.5 years and it has “suffered” the same treatment as any left ear unit. I wish, as I have complained before, that OEM’s would build a Li-ion battery health monitor/reporter into the HA firmware and the smartphone software but maybe that’s too much to ask for the HA level of enterprise? Right now, rather than decrease in charge over time, there is nothing definitive to determine how your rechargeable batteries are holding up during the warranty period.

I am a retired electronics tech/engineer/software engineer, I can tell you most electronic hardware failures are within the first 30-90 days of use. After that the will normally fail at the end of its lifecycle which can be anything after 5 years. I am going to tell you a secret the Japanese were great at designing in lifecycle failures that was just after the warranty went out.

And Detroit was great at designing cars that wouldn’t even make it through the warranty period - or be delivered with a minimal number of factory defects! But that’s no secret since Chrysler and GM subsequently had to be bailed out by the Feds! Props to Ford for soldiering on by itself.


The problem with our auto cumpanies was they did not see the hand writing on the wall. They were to slow to flow what the Japanese were doing. The american car companies were too slow at improving gas milage in other words. And also cutting too many corners to lower price. This country has my whole life wanted high wages and the lowest cost for everything, which goes completely against what is possible for one country to do. We did not understand as our wages go up so to do our cost of living.

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I came from an electromechanical/systems Engineering background too. I appreciate the typical life and component failure modes. What’s unusual about this situation is that it didn’t appear to affect what we fitted last year as a whole, but a particular batch at the year end.

The real annoyance as a dispenser is that Resound hasn’t given any warning of the ongoing failure modes, what to tell customers etc. The lack of information about whether this is a wider issue or just a short term battery supply problem makes you look like a fool in front of the customer. Hence the proposed move towards Oticon - so, even if it is an issue with Li-Ion cells we can try to service them in house with minimum customer interruption…