Resound quattro 1.0.45 update?

aids just auto updated to 1.0.45 - no problem…

other than i can find no information as to what the upgrade was for / did?

would be nice to have some info, even if just to say maintenance.

Mine are still showing 1.0.44. Curious what the update does.


I saw 1.0.45 update, when I tried to update it, upgrade just went away.

I’ve one Quattro that updated to 1.0.45 and the other updated to 1.0.44 and seems to be happy to stay that way. Both are showing as up to date. But my spare pair of Quattros both went from 1.0.43 to 1.0.45, although the second of those took a while to show up.

Presumably, since the firmware update is tied to the Smart 3D app update to v1.9 (and the firmware comes packed into a similar update of the fitting software to v1.9), the changes are related to the description of the Smart 3D update (from Google Play Store): “The update includes improvements to stability and connectivity.”

I do think BT connectivity has improved a bit, somewhat less occasional “waffling” of sound when streaming if phone is in back pocket, etc. I noticed a change in streaming focus behavior vs. pausing a podcast: GN Resound Smart 3D app Also, something I just noticed but maybe it’s been around much longer??: if I turn off a HA, I get a notification that one or both HA’s have been disconnected from my Android phone. Could be that memory is just departing with increasing age …

Various opinions are offered on the update in the Google Play Store reviews of the Smart 3D app: ReSound Smart 3D - Apps on Google Play In general HA smartphone apps seem to get relatively low scores compared to other types of apps, perhaps an indication of who wants to make a career out of programming a HA app?! Probably not the usual sort of app that programming geniuses turn to when seeking fame or fortune … Interesting, though, that just about every recent review post in the Play Store has a response from ReSound app support. Same seems to be true in the Apple App Store. ‎ReSound Smart 3D - Ratings and Reviews ( (user reviews best viewed in the App Store app on an iOS device sorted by “Most Recent”).

thanks for that jim… seems quite a reasonable explanation, hadn’t thought to check the app side of the equation.

i did notice that i get an aids connected icon on my phone now, though whether there was a notification for it previously that wasn’t turned on i’m not sure.

overall i’m very happy with my quattro’s, though i have yet to test their streaming capabilities since my pixel 2xl is too old for them. i might see about getting a 3xl (discounted now they’re getting ‘old’) since i do listen to a lot of audio books.

stay well

Once you have experienced streaming to your HAs from your phone, you will never want to do without it again!


that’s what i’m led to believe :wink:

I wish I could say the same. I have LiNX Quattro FS Hearing Aids, a Pixel 4 phone using Smart 3D app. Followed instructions to start the update. Received message that H/A batteries were too low ( I had replaced them earlier that day) Installed NEW batteries, restarted the H/As, Got a message that the H/As were not connected to the app,(the phone indicated that they were indeed connected to the Bluetooth app) restarted the H/As Received message that H/A batteries were too low. This dance went around and around for 90 minutes. The update would not let me exit from this loop, or access the Smart 3D app. I had to uninstall and re-install the Smart 3D app to end the madness and regain control of my phone and hearing aids.

I finally got the update and it installed on my Quattro’s with no issues. Would love to know what got fixed.


I had the same merry go round when I updated one of my spare pair of Quattros. I updated it with it still in my ear. So it went off, I followed the update slowly go through the percentage completed up to 95%, then I heard the aid restart and the app reported that the update had failed. Then it kept saying the hearing aids weren’t connected to the app, even though I could see they were connected to the phone. I tried restarting everything, to no avail. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it. This time it connected fine and told me that the first hearing aid had updated. The second one finally got round to offering me an update an hour later and worked fine.

But my main pair of Quattros still has one on the new and one on the old firmware and it’s been a couple of weeks now.

I’m about to change my phone, so I will delete and install the app again and see what happens.

I have no idea what the update is supposed to do incidentally. Resound are never at all forthcoming about that sort of information.

Interesting. My iphone randomly refused to connect to my main Quattros, so I told it to forget the pairing and then re-paired them. The app had to gather new data from the aids as usual. Now it is showing both aids are up to date firmware-wise. Quite odd.

It may just be my hopeful imagination but my Quattro hearing aids actually sound ever so slightly better after the upgrade. I seem to be hearing a lot more little background sounds. Its very subtle but I’m hoping its not just my imagination. One of the things I find with Quattro is that the automatic noise reduction is slightly too aggressive. Noise reduction seems to kick in much sooner than I prefer and this can mask small background sounds and muffle voices. Hoping they fixed this but who knows.

Anyone else notice a difference?


I haven’t noticed a difference but I have the noise reduction turned off most of the time. I have had a couple of examples where the app refuses to connect to the HAs on my iPhone and the only way I have found to sort it is to make the iPhone forget the HAs and the re-pair them, which also makes the app redownload data from them. But I think this is possibly an app bug. I’m not sure that Resound fully understands regression testing!

I haven’t noticed much difference in noise reduction. I have found the streaming connectivity to an Android phone to be much much better. Also the latest app update on Android is a littly laggy at times but at least it is staying in memory now and not closing every five minutes.

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New Info, I spoke with my audiologist, found out that for remote updates to work, that function must be activated by by the audiologist or H/A provider. SMH!

Its been a long while since 1.0.45, I guess we may not see many if any more for Quattro’s.
I know when ive had issues and had replaced, mine would not update at all unless HA had connected both to software their end and saved them etc. Then mine both updated correctly.

As for remote updates using the remote assistance thing, sadly my HA doesn’t know how to use or won’t try to use or activate, citing to many types for him to look at from various manufacturers!
During lockdown last year would of been really useful to!