Resound Pulse BTE hearing aid issue?

My mother uses ReSound Pulse Open Ear Hearing Aids and she likes them but they break often and the doctor keeps cleaning them. She has had issues so far 4 chargers since they keep breaking for no apparent reason. Has anyone else experienced any issues with this brand/company? Is there a better hearing aid that she should look into getting that is more superior? It is very expensive to keep these hearing aids in working order. Now she has 1 ear that works and the other one has a lot of static and probably needs to go in for another cleaning. Is there a less expensive way to purchase these hearing aids? Any help greatly appreciated. thanks

The Resound Pulse charger system was abandoned due to problems in the UK within a few months of release … must have been 2 or 3 years ago …

I don’t understand your ‘cleaning’ comments. The Pulse is not especially prone to dirt.
Does your mother use hair spray or something else which might be killing the aids?
Or is it batteries rusting and making a mess of the battery compartment?

Maybe switch to stainless standard zinc air batteries?

(I charge $10-$40 for cleaning aids and replacing filters etc … cheaper than buying a new pair!)

Yes, the chargers are very unreliable and have been since they released them. Constantly not working for no apparent reason. But the Pulse aids are good aids and I see very few patients who need them repaired.

Could you be more specific about what is done when they are “cleaned”? If it’s corrosion in the battery case then a hearing aid dry and store might be of use to her.

Hope that helps! :smiley:

dr. amy

What Pulse Resound hearing aids do you reccomend are the best as far as inexpensive and longevity of the hearing aid. The rechargeable batteries were good idea. What are the best batteries price wise and longevity? My mom has bad ears due to chemo years ago and nothing but problems with the hearing aids as far as tweaking, cleaning, recharger not working.


I have Siemens and they have worked flawlessly for two years.
My ears need cleaning every few months but the aids are fine.

I forgot to say…the two aids were $3400 for my moderate to sever hearing loss

I heard Resound Pulse was the best manufacturer? They are small hidden and great quality. I notice they have alot of newer styles. Any ideas? Is Siemens part of this line>?

GN Resound is the manufacturer. Pulse is simply the hearing aid. And yes, they are small and discreet but every manufacturer has small discreet hearing aids. Pulse is old technology and those aids have been replaced by aids such as Xplore, Ziga, Azure, Live…

As far as being “the best”, that just depends on who you ask. Pulse was a good reliable hearing aid, but it doesnt sound like that was your mother’s experience. If you want to stick with rechargeable batteries, Siemens makes a charger that has so far been more reliable than the GN Resound charger for the Pulses. Their line of Pures (Pure 300, Pure 500, Pure 700) are very small and discreet like the aids your mother currently wears. Although they could have some feedback issues because their feedback manager is sub par. But that isn’t a problem for many patients…

dr. amy

at a point in time GN was a very big company. We have to credit them for comming out
with the first open fit hearing aid (Air). they are now struggling to survive barely making any money. Their products, Azure and Be are novel concepts. I praise the Azure, natural directionality is good progretion.

Despite the fact that Jabra, GN sister company has master bluetooth tecnology-
GN does not even offer a HI with basic bluetooth capability.

Their new instruments, Dot2 and Live- only offer multiband directionality- which is really nothing new.

My mother loved the hearing aid when they worked she had no problems but when battery dies it sucks and when she had to recharge them it sucked when it didn’t work. IYO Siemens best if she wants rechargeable how about non rechargeable? What to look for the longest battery life? Also approx costs? She was told Pulse was top of the line but now you say they are struggling might be a bad sign for their product. Also with there new line of products what is good. I tried to compare them to see what is best but they all seem so similar. Thanks

My mother is still debating on what to purchase next she will be making a hearing apt. soon and I told her to look into the Siemens line of aids since they got best reviews on here.


With the Pulse charger, you can use the tray to charge the batteries in. This is the tray that is used to store the batteries in on a keychain. It takes twice the time to charge the batteries, but it does work. You will not see any lights on the charger when this is charging.

You can order mic screen replacements from your hearing aid office. So maybe changing them on a montly basis might help with the wax issue.