Resound Preza Lapel Type Microphone

Is there a solution out there? I have the Resound Preza hearing aids purchased from Costco. Love them and the Bluetooth streaming paired to my iPhone. My only gripe is on calls, the audio from my speaking is captured by the phone. Not a big deal when I’m at my desk and the phone sits in front of me. It’s a problem when I’m walking or anytime I have to keep the phone in my pocket. Wondering if anyone has solved this with some sort of lapel microphone.

My old hearing aids were Phonaks and I used to have the com pilot that hung around my neck. Not
Looking to use the mic all the time, but would be nice to clip something when I go out on walks and I can keep the phone in my pocket.

Hoping someone out there has solved for this.

The problem is in the bluetooth in the hearing aid because it does not support the transfer of sound from the microphone on the hearing aid.
Currently only Phonak / Unitron supports it.

If you want to use a microphone, the best you can do is PhoneClip +