reSound Plus5 Mini BTE

I just purchased the re-sound Plus 5 hearing aid it seems to be comfortable and seems to help my hearing. One problem I am having is what I would consider feedback. When I am in the kitchen, or in my study (wireless router), my car (Blue tooth), den (RF remote) TV receiver, I keeping receiving this feedback in the devices. Is this common for digital hearing aids? Is there a better (more expensive) hearing aid you can recommend that does not have all the feedback?
I appreciate any advice you have


the feedback canceller is at par cxompared to any toher aid outthere…
it seems u need to get a better earmold or perhaps you need to run the feedback manager with your audi

bspeed3. You seem to be saying that the feedback is in the devices…Do not understand.

Is the feedback (squealing) in your aids or is it in the devices? Are you using headphones…perhaps?

If in the aids Xbulder’s post is your answer. If in the TV, BlueTooth, etc. that is extremely odd. We would need more details and a better description of the sound you are calling a feedback. Ed