REsound Pixel vs Starkey Destiny 1200

A few months ago I placed my first post regarding help in determining a quality HA and got some great response regarding Starkey and Oticon. My biggest concern was the cost of $4500-$5000 that I was receiving locally. Today I talked with a HA dispenser(?) who is a friend of my son and he suggested I first try the Resound Pixel at $2700 set and if they don’t work well he would then suggest the Starkey Destiny 1200 at just over$3000. His concern is if an open ear will work based on the numbers I have supplied with out feedback due to the high freq. loss. I told him I do not want a closed ear type. I am not familiar with the REsound and wonder if anybody has any comments or suggestions. The price is great as he will do this as a side job for a friend of the family and I want to move forward ASAP.

Test results: R/E 250 10, 500 10, 1000 25, 2000 45, 3000 85, 4000-8000 90. L/E 250 10, 500 10, 1000 20, 2000 50, 3000 70, 4000-8000 75. My audiologist said the the biggest concern was the Speech Discrimination score with the RE @ 80db 48% and LE 80db 88%.

i wouldnt get the pixel
but i would recomend the x-plorer from GN which should have the same cost…

the x-plorer is the replacement of the pixel!

Thanks, I will check on that. Do you know what the differance is between the Destiney 1200 and 1600?

i believe zct would know that answer…
i dont dispense starkey

Would you recommend the x-plore for my hearing loss. I have not met this person he is a friend of my sons and sounds like he knows his business. But again he is doing this as a favor and said he would program them in my home and do what ever follow up fittings are needed. I really want to do something as I am driving my wife and kids crazy with my not making a decision since March.

tech. you should with a thin tubing, GN has a new bte casing which is a bit
thin. However, you audi has to check as im not sure it will fit 4000-600hz
i think it only fits abput 80dbhl (im not 100 sure)

You may wish to try DOT by resound, an open fit canal receiver technology, DOT 10, DOT 20 and DOT 30 are the three variants in these series of instruments.

Basically, it’s the same aid.

But the 1600 also has:

  • Self check to see if a problem develops with the aid.

  • Integrated real ear measurement.

  • Voice prompts (it talks to you).

  • Slightly better control over the background noise suppression algorithms.

I think that’s about it. But surprisingly, the integrated REM seems to make a heck of a difference. I’ve upgraded a handful of patients from the 1200 to the 1600 and they say there is ‘no comparison.’ Which amazed me frankly, because on paper they are very similar.

I’d recommend the Starkey Zōn which is best in class for feedback suppression and directionality. Also I don’t think the Resound is waterproof.

The difference between the 1200 and the 1600 is the 1600 is able to perform real ear measurement without any additional outside equipment and also it has a self check algorithm that will alert you if the hearing aid needs to be taken into your fitter. It also alerts you by real voice ( it has about 15 or more different languages) when the battery is about to go out and it also reminds you when your next appointment is. I’ve fit hundreds of both models and find that the 1600 with the real ear measurement capability provides a better fit with hardly any adjusting on the first check up. Both have nFusion technology and BluWave processing. Feedback is about nonexistent in either one.

not integrated rem, integrated RECD… you can get a cheaper aids, starkey or other brand and ask your audi to use rem…

as an audi you are suppose to use rem anyhow

Question: Is the Starkey Destiny 1200 the same as the Nu-ear Rhapsody 1200? The audie I saw said that Starkey manufactures Nu-ear, and the descriptions sound the same.

Is the price the only difference between the two?

As background, I need to replace my 5-year-old SI Natura3 CICs (which I’ve been very happy with). Thanks.

true, I have seen the velocity mini bte
the design looks nice in case u want to stick to sonic in