Resound Phone Clip Improvement

Problems with the phone clip:

  1. Hot mic, picks up everything in the background and transmits that to the person on the other side of the call,
  2. If I clip it to my shirt pocket (left side) the right side HA drops off the call. If I clip it to the middle of my shirt then it is very noticeable but both HAs stay in the call better (but not always).

I was thinking that if I had some cloth or something to cover the phone clip that maybe that would dampen the sound just a little and make it easier for callers to understand me in noisy environments.

Then it hit me, and now I am using the supplied, cheap, plastic lanyard and hanging the phone clip around my neck but under my shirt. The cotton fabric seems to be enough to block out some background but allowing my voice to come through strong. This is day two and so far, so good, after several calls. I probably will not use it this way 100% of the time but it gives me an option to use the phone clip in a way where it works a little better and is totally hidden.

I’ll report back after a few more days.

Don I’m glad you posted this. I looked at the lanyard but I guess I can’t find where to hook it on to the phone clip? Under the shirt sounds sounds like a great idea. Let me know how it works.

The lanyard has a loop of wire on the end. Push the loop of wire through the slit in the top of the spring clip and loop it through itself.

I’m still using it under my shirt and it seems to be working fine that way. It keeps both HAs in the call (mostly) because it hangs in the middle. People seem to hear me fine when there is not very loud background noise.

I still wish Resound would fix the problems with it or come out with a new model. It should have some background noise suppression, have a stronger signal from the clip to the aids, and should allow two bluetooth devices to be connected at one time. Smaller (thinner) would be nice too.

I agree with you an all points. I didn’t like putting the lanyard through the clip becouse it seems flimsy and does’t hang straight. I ended up using your idea of inside the shirt but I clip it between the buttons on the inside so if it falls off it falls inside my shirt. I find it works good but not in the car. I drive a Chevy Cobalt and it is just to loud. The blue tooth that comes with the car also is not a good option becouse of the back ground noise.
Don I’m on my 2nd week with my Alera’s[my first HA] and so far so good. I find the noise to much at times and just need to turn them down. I think that is normal and keep working to adjust to them. I see my Aud. Wednesday.
How do you have your’s set as far as the alert’s are concerned. When I have the phone clip on the bells and the cut out of the HA is a bit much. I get a lot of VM and E mail is tied to my phone all set off the alert and I hope there is a custom setting .

I’m on week three of mine. I bought them at the Costco Hearing Aid Center so mine are called Resound Future but it is the same as the Alera. I thought the notification sounds were way too loud so my audiologist turned them down. I kept saying “lower, lower” and she said let’s try it like this. If I remember it started at 82 DB and she turned it down to 75. i wanted 65 but maybe she’s right. I have notification turned off on email on my phone but I get text messages and the phone clip goes through its routine every time. The microphones on the hearing aids are set to go off when the phone clip activates and I think I might like to have the mics on at a lower power. I might try that. Everything is adjustable.

After a couple of adjustments the Resound is really working out well. It is plenty loud on program 1 and it has their top of the line natural directionality 2 and all the other automatic features. I have speech in noise as program 2. Music is program 3 and party is 4. We are trying out 2 and 4 to see which one I like best for noisy environments. I like them both so I might just keep it like it is.

If these are your first aids I think it is normal to be a little overwhelmed from time to time. Also, many audiologists don’t turn them up all the way at first, to give you time to get used to it. Go back for regular adjustments.

About the lanyard. I put the loop on the lanyard through the little hole or slit on the spring clip, right where your thumb goes when you squeeze open the clip, and took the other end of the lanyard and pushed it through the loop, then pulled it tight. There is no way it could come off and it hangs exactly straight that way.

I went back for a 6-month adjustment last week and requested the same thing with my Aleras: please turn those beeps way down. When you’re in a quiet room and they go off, they can be quite jarring on the Alera. I’m not sure what number she reduced them to, but it may have been closer to 50 dB. I asked to have them “cut in half,” and I’d say from the sound of it that that’s what she did. The notification beeps are soft now, but I still hear them even in noisy places, so it’s working fine for me.

Thanks for the feed back. I have added some of your suggustions to my list for my ad Wednesday afternoon. I am using just 2 of the programs right now and will have her add the third for music. I have the Alera 7’s.
Do you use the TV streamer. Can the program for the streamer be changed and how do you have it set? I use it with the TV volume set for my wife [makes her happy] and the HA pick up the high freq. That seems to work except when I just want to listen whithout the TV volume on. The HA sound flat and tinny. Might have her go for a happy medium.
I know this is off topic and don’t mean to hi jack this thread but how long do your batteries last? I’m gettin 4-5 days using the BT and streamer often. Seems good to me but really have nothing to compare it to.
Thanks again

Batteries - about 4 days.

I don’t have the TV streamer, just the phone clip. But, for both there are adjustments for bass, mid-range, and treble. I have high tone loss so my hearing aids don’t transmit any low tones because I get those naturally. But, and this is what many audiologists forget, if I’m getting all the sound electronically (phone clip or tv streamer) then I’m only getting what the hearing aid is giving me (no natural sound coming in). For an electronic source you need to have all the frequencies boosted. My audiologist did this for the phone clip once I pointed it out and it sounds better.

They can’t just use your program 1 or general setup for an all-electronic source of sound.

Back to the main topic. I really don’t think that wearing it under a standard shirt will do much for the background (or maybe now foreground) noise. I think it will just act like a standard pop filter, but unfortunately also pick up the sound of the clothes rubbing against the surface of the Phone Clip. Sound waves easily travel through a standard cotton shirt. This can be tested by wrapping the shirt around the hearing aid itself and you will notice that it would be difficult to tell whether the shirt was over the mic(s) or not. If it does make a difference I’d put more faith in the fact that the mic is not in front of your mouth so when you are speaking your vocal energy is not being directed into the mic element (or even toward it). It has been shown that if you use much denser materials (such as leather, etc) you can significantly alter the sound waves, but it’s usually in a negative direction as far as clarity is concerned.

I think the only way to really fix the problem is to radically alter the microphone circuit (just like the engineer did to my Phone Clip). The modifications seemed to have completely solved the problems. The best way I can describe it is to repeat what a friend said to me as I was testing it. He said that it was like I swapped out a transparent Lavalier for a proximity one. All of the residual sounds, background noise, etc. disappeared and it now sounds similar to a standard telephone handset.

IMHO, it’s ridiculous that we even need to address this issue as GN Resound’s parent company owns Jabra who leads the way in phone headsets. If anyone should be able to make one that works it’s them! The whole thing is unbelievable. If that’s not bad enough, there is also the fact that Resound has no intention of fixing/modifying the design anytime soon! Don’t believe it, just give them a call and ask.

As a side note to the alternate topic, everyday I use the Streamer and Phone Clip heavily and still get 4 days out of a 312 battery.

Battery, I completely agree. They really went cheap on the phone clip. I think they probably mis-read their market. Sitting still in a quiet home, it works fine.

I have about another month on my trial and I think I can hold out with the under the shirt trick until then. The thicker part of the shirt is right in the middle because there is some fabric overlap plus my tie may block some of the sound.

Battery, how do you wear yours? Do you use a lanyard, clip it to your shirt, collar, pocket?

Glad to hear you are getting by thus far. For whatever reason (I’m guessing the tone of my voice) I was unable to use mine even sitting still in a quiet environment, granted it was better, but I still received complaints. I was constantly being told it sounded like I was in an echo chamber, on a speaker phone, etc.

You could be right that they mis-read their market, but that’s even worse! Here Resound, once again, is the first to release new hearing aid technology, but the implementation of it with the Phone Clip falls flat on its face. To top it off they own a leading phone headset manufacturer. Stupid, just plain stupid. At least the Streamer implementation is fantastic. Those assigned to that design group should be given accolades.

When I sent mine to be modified I was asked how I wanted it to act. I told the engineer that I would prefer to have it sound like a standard landline phone. He explained that it was possible, but I’d need to make certain that the unit was very close to my mouth when I was speaking during a phone conversation. I chose to stick with that style of operation (heck, you need to do that with a landline phone so it made perfect sense to me). Now, I tend to keep it somewhere on, or near, my body and when a call comes in I grab it and sometimes clip it on my clothing close to my head/mouth. However, most of the time I don’t need both my hands free (while speaking) so recently I have just been holding it and when it’s time to speak, I raise it up and speak into my hand (to which I have been told that I look like the Secret Service or a crazy person that’s talking to himself, lol). People don’t complain about the quality of the call either way, but if I ask which they prefer they will usually answer it was when I was speaking into my hand (so to speak).

Battery Ears-

I trialed the phonak w/iCom, the oticon agil pros w/streamer and the resound aleras w/unite clip last year and chose the oticons. All three of these phone interfaces had the same flaw, just as you describe with your unite clip. I had also previously tried an Artone neckloop with my older Widexes in coil mode, and it was no better in terms of the mic.

I did a lot of comparison testing with a lot of phone calls in a lot of environments. Nothing scientific mind you, but I did see this pattern, listed from best to worst.

• Holding an ordinary handset up to my face always sounded best.

• my iPhone in speakerphone mode was always second best- even if it wasn’t particularly close to me, and/or in a noisy environment.

• the Unite clip was a distant third notably giving a better-sounding character in quiet environments, but performance fell apart fast in even moderately noisy ones.

• Oticon streamer was slightly worse in general, but could be dramatically improved just by holding it a little closer.

• the phonak iCom performed worst in nearly every aspect of my informal testing and the mic was no exception.

What this tells me is that the goal to shoot for is “make it at least as good as the iphone mic when in speakerphone mode.”

I’m curious about who did the mod on your clip- factory or 3rd party? I’ve been looking into some hacks on mine but haven’t opened it up yet.

Thanks Buckaroo, that’s a very useful reply since you have trialed all three of them!

I have to agree that, before my Phone Clip modifications, my cell phone’s speaker phone sounded better to the people I called than did the Phone Clip.

I still hold that there is no reason for this as Resound’s parent company owns Jabra and they should be able to develop a fantastic Phone Clip.

As a freelancer brimming with contempt for corporate culture, I actually think the parent/sibling relationship is a PERFECTLY GOOD explanation for resound’s failure to deliver a good clip. :smiley:

There might be some truth to your statement (assuming what I’ve heard is correct) in that the reason that there isn’t a modified/fixed version currently planned is because of internal bureaucracy between the companies/divisions.

Maybe what they should do is buy the redesign off the engineer who modified mine and consider it problem solved. :smiley:


I’ve been using the phone clip now for a few months, it has a few flaws like mentioned but most things do and dont suits everyone ever time, even thou mind drops out an ear now again I’m still better off than pulling out an aid to use my phone, I’m not a high user so i’m happy with it

as for the clip it self, very poor, I have cut down an old phone case to suit the phone clip, i did this to protect it more than anything as I tend to hold it when in use or clip it to the sunvisor in car
I used the clip on the phone clip itself but cant see why you cant use the clip that come on the casing

I also made a case to suit the remote, now wear it on my belt, most people think i’m playing with a phone because it’s in a case

I’d bet on it being a patent & licensing issue…

it’s entirely possible that jabra does not own the technology they are famous for, and are just licensing it from someone else.

I’m still curious about the mod done on your clip- sometimes it’s as easy as changing the value of a resistor on the amp, or adding capacitance to the preamp side. Simple, cheap hack with decent results.

Usually the best-performing setups involve multiple microphones and a true cancellation circuit, but it’s impressive how close you can get with cheaper hacks.

Hi Battery Ears,
Where and what was done for the Phone Clip modification? I find the same problems, while driving my caller hears a lot of noise, and my voice is very hollow. I live in Orlando and would like some tips on improving this Phone Clip which is the only part of the Alera system that I find troublesome.

i’ve been having some issues with my clip as well. at first, it was the best thing since sliced bread, but now i’ve been thinking of throwing it out the window. i used to get the phone in both ha’s now it will only transmit to the last ha it pairs to. as of last night, that still worked great, but now for some reason, it will drop a call for no reason. it sounds like it turns the ha off will all the beeps. bat life is pretty good though. anyone else have these problems?