ReSound phone I expecting too much?

First time hearing aid user here…just picked up my ReSound Futures a week ago. I listen to audiobooks a lot…have been using an iPod and ear buds, but decided to try to go wireless. I also have an iTouch that has bluetooth, so last night I picked up the ReSound phone clip. It paired up with the iTouch with no problem, but the range is VERY limited, and the sound sometimes bounces between left and right. With the iTouch in my pants pocket, the phone clip has to be within less than a foot of it to work. Is this normal, or did I perhaps get a lemon?

Phone in the pocket seems to be a challenge for bluetooth devices. I noticed with regular bluetooth headsets that the phone needed to be on the same side as the headset for it not to get static.

I occasionally get some static with my phone in my pocket and the phone clip hanging on the lanyard. But if I lay the phone on a table I can walk just about 20 feet or so away and still get decent sound.

The two things I don’t like about the phone clip are 1) there is no background suppression for my voice going out to the other person, and 2) the power from the clip to the hearing aids is weak and one or both hearing aids will drop out of the call, come back, drop out again, etc.

I don’t use the phone clip if it is an important call and there is loud background noise because it is too hard for the other person to hear me.

If I wear the lanyard so the phone clip hangs in the middle it seems to help the problem with dropping a hearing aid.

If you lay your phone on a table and take several steps back and the phone clip drops the then I would say there is a problem with the clip or the phone.

I typically do not have any problem with the link from the Phone Clip to my iPhone. I do get the left and right ear dropping out too.

My main complaint is about 50% of the time when I answer a call they can hear me, but I can not hear them. I have to quickly pull off an aid while switching the phone from headset mode to phone mode.

If I answer the call with the phone then it’s 50/50 whether the call will go through the phone speakers or the phone clip. If I answer with the clip it almost always goes through the clip. My phone has a very easy way to switch where the call goes (Bluetooth, regular phone, or speakerphone) so if I forget and answer on the phone I can switch it easy to the clip.

I just upgraded my older Resound devices with new ones with the bluetooth option. While the devices themselves are terrific, the bluetooth function with my iPhone is simply terrible. As noted above, there is no background noise suppression outbound and in almost every case the person I’m calling has complained about the quality of my voice. I even called my office voicemail to hear myself and it was poor.

I have been able to hear callers pretty well but the voice quality is almost chirpy, no low end. I’m wondering if that’s an adjustment issue.

In any case, the savings I experienced at Costco was very large so even if I choose to hang on to the bluetooth phone device it’s not a very significant expense in the overall scheme of things.

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to pair my iPod (Bluetooth capable) to my ReSounds…Anyone have any suggestions. I have the Unite TV and the remote control and they all work fine with the TV and my Samsung Galaxy, but have had NO luck with the iPod.

Hey Gulf, where are you, Biloxi, Pasq, Gulfport? I lived in Mobile for 10 years. Love the Gulf area.

What happens when you try to pair it? You know it will connect to only one device at a time so you would have to turn bluetooth off your phone, if it is in range.

Didn’t get a lemon. Because the Phone Clip is designed to be worn on your body, the 2.4Ghz wireless transmitter in the Phone Clip (to the aids) is very weak. If the Phone Clip is not in the middle of your body and close to your head/neck you will experience problems.

Additionally, the Phone Clip is (poorly) designed to connect to only one Bluetooth device at a time. Thus, if you also have it paired with a phone (cordless, cell, etc) but are connected to another Bluetooth device it WON’T switch over to the phone upon receiving an incoming call (not an issue with the Unite streamer because it’s a separate device and the Phone Clip takes priority).

Gulfport…thus gulfmiss…LOL

I tried everything to pair my iPod Touch without any luck. I had some other problems as well as sent back my left ha and the phone clip. I’m also getting another remote. I’ve been trying since April to find some hearing aids to meet my Bluetooth “wants”. I started to say needs, but that’s not true. Where are you living now? We’ve been here since 1972, and wouldn’t live anywhere else in MS.

I have the Resound Futures/Aleras, the Bluetooth Phone Clip and an iPhone. Everything pairs up just fine if I follow the instructions verbatim. I keep the phone clip pinned to my shirt collar and the phone out in the open, and don’t have problems in a controlled environment.

I have trained myself to always answer a call via the phone clip as answering via the iPhone is not reliable.

You really can’t use the phone clip in a public environment as there is zero - nada - zilch noise cancelling on the microphone.

I have also used the bluetooth / phone clip to listen to music and tv audio with some success, but due to the limited frequency response at 250 and below, it is just OK.

One other cool thing I’ve used with some success is piping the audio from my iPhone GPS app into the Resounds. I hear the directions when I’m in a car with others and no one else does. Makes me look like a “genius”.

I sense I am really pushing the envelope and am looking for “audiophile hearing aids” with bluetooth and a noise canceling phone clip… if such a thing exists.

Back in the Birmingham area. In '89, after a couple of places I worked for here went under, I went to work for Scott Paper in Mobile. I thought man, they make toilet paper out of pine trees in the south. I’ll work here forever. Nobody could mess that up. By '99 they found a way. Chainsaw Al Dunlap was hired as the CEO and he sold the company to Kimberly-Clark who thought they could make pulp in Canada, barge it down the coast, around Florida, up to Mobile, and finish it there cheaper than they could make it next door in the pulp plant. I was in the timberlands computer department so back on the market. I like Birmingham though. I’ll probably stay here.

I like the gulf coast area and I’ve driven all over MS. Cool places with GREAT people.

I think I may return the phone clip. Trying to listen to my iTouch via the phoneclip…the sound is ‘tinny’ (the lady at Costco said she might be able to put a little more bass in and sort of solve that), but the dropping of sound from first one side and then the other is just too annoying. Sometimes it’s playing in both, then one or the other drops out…then comes back…then drops out. I’ve tried every combination of proximity between me, the phone clip and the iTouch, and nothing seems to make much difference. I was really looking forward to being able to use this for my audiobooks, but guess I’ll have to look for ‘plan B’. :frowning:

That is genius! OK, maybe not genius but really, really clever and I’m going to try that myself. Frankly, I am so disappointed with the performance of the bluetooth component that I was going to return it before my trial period was up (just the bluetooth) but if I can use it with the GPS it may almost be worth it. It certainly is a waste of money to use it the way I intended, in the car while traveling.

That’s genius! OK, maybe not genius but very smart. Have to try that myself. I’m so disappointed by the poor quality of the Resound bluetooth device I was thinking of giving it back before the trial period was over but if this works it’s worth keeping.