Resound ONE tryout: speech in noise good; streaming harsh

I was given the opportunity to try out a pair of Resound ONE MFI HAs by my HA provider. Here is the log that I kept. (names changed for privacy). SPOILER: tryout was cut short by mutual agreement after my negative experience–no need to prolong the testing.

Resound ONE Diary

Tuesday, May 18, 2012:

Delivery. Adjusted to a six-week-old audiogram. Because I could not pair the HAs with my iPhone, the provider got instructions by phone from Resound about pairing with iPhone (not through Bluetooth setting, but via Settings => Accessibility => Hearing Devices => MFI HEARING DEVICES.

Once connected, that setting allows adjustment of Treble and Bass levels, but I don’t think that they adjust overall volume. In fact, I found it impossible to adjust volume, even with the Resound 3D app on the iPhone. That’s a big issue for me because at several points in the day and night I wanted to lower the volume, but my iPhone was not nearby to allow me to lower it with the iPhone’s volume adjustment buttons.

In short: streaming from the iPhone, whether music, news or telephone calls was harsh, tinny, transistor-radio-like. I got confirmation in a call with my son. His voice sounded harsh to me, and he told me that my voice sounded harsh to him, though we could understand each other clearly. No amount of fiddling with the Low-Mid-High settings in the Resound 3D app changed anything. Streaming was even painful in the high frequencies, and the devices seemed to clip the sounds. I was concerned about damage to my hearing. Perhaps some re-tuning by the provider is in order?

Watching TV was similar to streaming, though not as uncomfortable. The programming was shrill at times, and I had to turn the volume down below my normal listening setting with Phonak HAs.

On the other hand, speech recognition was top-notch. I tested the HAs at dinner in a mildly noisy restaurant environment. The Restaurant setting appeared to improve performance somewhat, but it was hard to assess because the surroundings were not all that noisy.

I kept the HAs on at night in bed, as I usually do in order to listen to the BBC over my Amazon Echo. Somehow, the BBC news broadcasts put me to sleep! Just as with streaming earlier in the day, the sound was uncomfortably shrill, and I had to turn the volume of the Echo way down to compensate. If I were not comfortably ensconced in bed, I would have taken the Resound HAs off and substituted them with my Phonak Marvel HAs that I usually wear to bed.

The bottom line for the first day: in a Phonak::Resound A::B test, Resound ONE loses big time!

Wednesday, May 19, 2012:

Having worn the Resounds through the night, the left one sounded the “charge me” chimes, and they are now on the charger. They have been in the charger for 2-½ hours, and the right one shows but three dots out of four (¾ charged). The left one was not charged at all! I just re-inserted it into the charger and it appears to be charging now, from scratch. I recall the green pilot light was blinking on both the left and the right HAs when I inserted them in the charger. So, I don’t know what I might have done incorrectly. I’m wearing my Phonak Paradise HAs for now (yes, I have both Marvels and Paradises, though the latter really Costco KS-10s).

That happened in the late morning. It’s now almost 5:00 PM, and the left one is only ¾ charged. That’s a long, long time to get fully charged. Not a good feature.

I had another phone call with my son around noon today. I was wearing my Phonak Paradise HAs. His voice did not sound harsh to me, nor my voice to him. So, the harshness of the streaming yesterday was most likely a function of the Resound HAs.

It is now 5:50 PM, and the left Resound HA is finally fully charged. I will wait until tomorrow to try them out again.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

This morning, the left HA was only 50% charged. And, it was not recharging. I re-seated it in the charging unit, and it started charging again. Now at 2:15 PM, the app shows that it is fully charged and that the right HA is fully charged, but the charging indicator is on in the app. ???

On the other hand, sound reproduction was more comfortable today, though I had to set the high frequencies way down and the low frequencies way up; midrange somewhat down. The restaurant setting worked well in moderate noise.

Friday, May 21, 2021

After all night charging, left HA was only 75% charged. Also noted that it takes a lot of force to remove the HAs from the charger. Could that have been the magnetic force from the induction charging gripping it? OK for me, but probably not OK for folks with weaker grips, especially arthritic fingers.

The provider arrived in the afternoon, and we agreed that there was nothing to be gained by my continuing the tryout for the originally anticipated two-week period. He also told me that another patient had the same experience with shrill streaming that I had related.

My bottom line: there is no comparison between the Resound ONE and the Phonak Paradise/Costco KS-10 hearing aids, at least for me. I certainly did not favor the Resounds.


Our hearing loss is fairly similar - see my audiogram - but I wear occlusive earmolds and I’m only wearing the ReSound Quattro’s, not the Ones, but for me streaming is the best part of my HA experience with the Quattro’s. I wonder if your fitter properly adjusted them? Since I’ve never worn another hearing aid, my experience is limited but I listen to a a variety of podcasts including Melvyn Bragg on BBC 4 In Our Time podcasts, Science Friday, and Windows Weekly. For me, the sound quality is hi-fi quality streaming (the occlusive molds help build the relative bass response). And I’ve had no trouble with volume or bass/treble control with the ReSound Smart 3D app, which works very well on the iPhone. Since Apple’s MFi was designed in collaboration with ReSound originally, if the app controls aren’t working for you, that would be a sign that something’s not right in your HA setup or app installation on your smartphone, etc. I am very curious to try Phonak and see how speech recognition compares to ReSound but as far as streaming goes, I actually worry about anything else being a step down from what I’m enjoying now with my Quattro’s. I can hear all sorts of aspects of voice expression and room background sounds in something like Bragg’s roundtable discussion of science and history with a group of 3 or 4 people involved. No complaints with streamed music, either.

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You’ve returned the aids so this is a mute point for you, but I want to clarify something regarding the Resound 3D App and streaming audio, either music or a phone call. The adjustments on the 3D App only affect the sounds being picked up by (or muting) the hearing aid’s microphones.

You can adjust the Left/ Right Balance of the streamed audio by using the iPhone’s settings. (Go to Settings … Accessibility … Audio/Visual … then use Balance Slider to balance the streamed audio.) Other than that, and of course the Volume Up/Down Buttons on the iPhone, I know of no other adjustments available to the user for streamed audio.

I hope that someone can correct me as I’d like to have more control over the streamed audio. However, I’ve got to admit that my Resounds do a great job of providing music to my ears, the quality of which I have not heard in years!

ReSound uses “mix-in” streaming, at least for my Quattro’s. The streamed sound also gets whatever programmed settings you’re currently using applied. When I am out walking at night listening to a streamed podcast whenever I have a problem with bass noise, often because it’s a talk show that I’m listening to and the caller into a talk show has a poor audio connection over the Internet with a lot of bass noise garbling the lower frequency parts of his or her speech, I switch to “Speech Clarity.” This preset ReSound choice drops the bass frequencies about -2 dB and raises the midtones about +4 dB, the treble about +6 dB. The changes do improve speech clarity. Some would say it makes the sound “more tinny” but I have no problems. If the increases in treble volume is a bit much, I just turn the overall phone volume down a little bit. Streaming from a Multi Mic or other remote microphone or from a TV Streamer 2 is different. Those devices have their own independent programs that you switch to to use. I haven’t paid attention to how bass and treble work in those programs relative to the sounds you still hear through your external mics.

My fitter has been in the business for many years and has adjusted two prior HAs for me with no problems. Also, another resident of our community reported that streaming was shrill.

I wonder about the audiologist’s expertise, if he had to call to receive instructions on how to pair with an iPhone. In addition, the fact that he was willing to give up after 3 days is very telling. In my opinion, the problems you experienced could be dealt with fairly easily

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