ReSound One Trial

I am testing Resound ONE 7 and have some issues that I would like some feedback.

  1. What domes were used on your setup?
  2. Feedback on your use and how it has worked for you.
  3. I have also tested Oticon MORE 1.
    Sound, to me, is much better on ReSound but I am getting feedback on right ear. I was set up with TULIP domes.
    I have mild to moderate hearing loss but I work in different environments where I need different settings.
    Thanks to any who reply.
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Seeing your audiogram would really help give an opinion on type of dome or mold. (Click on “Forum” at top and then “My Hearing Tests” to enter audiogram. Feedback is mainly about striking a balance between occlusiveness of fit and gain at higher frequencies. If you’ve got feedback, you need to either lower gain or form a tighter seal to reduce feedback.


MDB, I will request copy on Monday and put info in profile.

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I don’t have Resound Ones but I do have Resound Quattros. When I had trouble with feedback, I had to go up a size on the domes. I use a power dome. My left dome is larger than my right too. Tell your Audi you’re having feedback and they’ll probably suggest a different dome for you.

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Audiogram has been posted.

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Surprised that it’s only your right ear that has feedback. I doubt you’d tolerate a more occlusive fit so the options are to reduce gain at the frequencies causing feedback or try frequency lowering. I’m unfamiliar with Resound but I would think they have some sort of feedback management system that limits gain to reduce feedback. Another possibility if you are using the receivers that include a microphone is that they may be more prone to feedback.

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@MDB I returned ReSound One 7 today and Audi is going to get ReSound One 9. I should be trying these by next week. The receivers are M&RIE which do have a microphone.
Dialog is much better with Resound, but I have also looked at Oticon MORE1 and it is my 2nd choice. At this time, I want to make sure that ReSound will not be a good fit. Exhausting all options.
BTW, thank you for your feedback.

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Interested to hear your experience with the ReSound One 9.

Did the audiologist order the M&RIE receiver? It’s a receiver with a microphone in the ear. I’m curious if at any point you got to try that technology. Resound ONE is the only hearing aid that’s BTE that has this feature.

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Ooh! What a bad pun in the tile of your OP ("…requesting feedback" !!! - I think not! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Well, perhaps as others suggest, your fitter, by making use of the feedback control or gain settings in the fitting software, can better limit the possibilities for feedback given the domes that you prefer to wear.

But I’d like to suggest that you look into custom molds if they’ll work with ReSound Ones & the M&RIE receivers and the size and shape of your ear canals. Your satisfaction with molds might also vary with how good an impression your fitter can take of your ear canals, too.

But I’m a ReSound Quattro wearer and I much prefer custom molds over domes. If you have enough space in your ear canals, you can request the Select-a-Vent option, too, where you’ll be provided with a range of vent insert plugs with varying vent sizes and can select the amount of venting you like best. But because a custom mold will usually fit your ear canal much better than a dome, you have much more control on how much sound from your receivers leaks out of your ear canals and has an opportunity to enter the external microphones on the HA body (outside of receiver for M&RIE mic) and cause a positive feedback loop.

If you look at the link below, I’ve posted the results of a feedback potential test with the graph on the left being wearing an open dome, the graph on the right being wearing a custom mold in my right ear. The grayish curves descending from the read area in the top of each graph indicate by depth of descent increasing potential for feedback and the left-right position along the horizontal axis indicates the relative frequency at which that feedback potential is going to occur. You can see when wearing a close-fitted, minimally vented mold, I’ve greatly reduced my potential for feedback (much less gray curve descending from red area).

My audi charged me $100 per ear for custom molds but I’m very glad that I got them. I think if you search the Hearing Tracker forum, you’ll find most members who’ve gotten molds like them over domes but some people do prefer domes over molds. You won’t know until you try. That was why I tried. I didn’t want to wear HA’s the rest of my life never having tried molds and as it turns out, it worked out great for me. As the comments on the forum indicate, it does for most other folks, too.

P.S. Because there is less potential for feedback, as shown in the linked right curve, there is MORE potential for sound amplification to help hearing soft sounds than there is in the left curve and MY fitting shown in the graph of the right takes advantage of that and amplifies sounds more across the frequency spectrum, as shown in the graph on the right relative to the one on the left, which depicts less aggressive sound amplification. With the M&RIE microphone in the ear, your fitting may be more sensitive to feedback to begin with, molds or not, but I believe as things get noisier, the ReSound Ones are programmed to switch to use more and more exclusively the two microphones on each HA body behind your ears and take less input from the M&RIE mics, presumably (in my ignorance) to further limit the potential for feedback.

P.P.S. In the linked post below, I also mention the possibility, originally discussed by Volusiano and Neville for Oticon OPN’s, of trying different fitting algorithms at the same time as different programs inserted into your smartphone app. ReSound (last time I tried) has since removed that possibility from their fitting software. All available programs must be based on the same fitting algorithm although one could still comparatively try different settings within any one fitting algorithm as different programs that would appear in the Smart 3D app, allowing you to switch back and forth to see which exact settings you like best best. I used to have my All-Around, Restaurant, and Outdoor programs based on the NAL-NL2 fitting audiogram and go with Music based on ReSound’s proprietary Audiogram+ algorithm and now all programs have to be on NAL-NL2, if I choose that as my base fitting algorithm. So potentially one could use this possibility of varying settings within an algorithm to compare two versions of the All-Around program at the same time and see which version gives you the best mix of understanding speech vs. avoiding feedback, if you were willing to temporarily sacrifice the Restaurant, the Outdoor, or the Music program to make room for a trial version 02 of the All-Around program (the Smart 3D app can only offer the user a choice of four manually switchable programs at a time although within a program, many of the exact settings on noise or wind suppression, directionality, or amplification will change according to the sound environment a specific program is operating in).

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@member72 The audi has ordered Resound One 9 with M&RIE. I should likely get the unit fitted next week. Looking forward to it.

@jim_lewis - Title – What do you suggest? I am an newbie and needed some guidance and feedback from others that have trialed ReSound One. I am a semi-retired technology specialist and software programmer. I look at HA as just another technology and look for bells and whistles.
I have been using hearing aids over 10 years. My previous HA is Siemens Acuris Life. That should tell you how old the technology I have been using has been around. Current technology is heavily driven by robust algorithms and I don’t want to put down $$$$ and later finding out that my purchase was a poor choice.
I prefer on relying on feedback from real users, instead of YouTube videos which are really a sales tool promotion and not an evaluation.

My remark is only a light-hearted quip. Hence the Smiley face. I don’t think you need to do anything about it although I’m a bit surprised you take it as a serious criticism of your choice of title. Perhaps because you see no humor in suffering from feedback, it doesn’t seem funny to joke about any unintentional double entendre in your post title. Sorry if that’s the case.


:joy: @jim_lewis, I have been just itching to make a smart@ss comment about the way “feedback” in the title can be taken two ways.

I refrained, however, lest a newcomer to whom we are unknown commodities mistakenly think that we were laughing at them.

:rofl:BWAAH- ha-ha-ha :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@polarisWelcome to the best Hearing Forum on the planet!

@SpudGunner To be clear, I did get “feedback” on ReSound One 7 (Advanced level /) first trial. A number of issues with the setup and HA. I need to trial ONE 9 (Premium) which may help with auditorium’s echoing.
I will get fitted next week and give it a run for some weeks. Oticon MORE 1, which I trialed gave very good sound and almost eliminated echoing but I want to make sure that I try ReSound ONE9. Just wanting to get a thorough trial and research before buying.
There are 2 main issues that I need corrected -(1) Speech in echoing auditorium (2) Speech in a noise environment where I need to carry on conversation.

Unfortunately, I have zero experience with ReSound, nor do I know anything about echo suppression.

I’m sorry that I can’t help you more, but the Forum has many really expert Members. Im certain that one will surface who can help you with these issues.

At any rate … welcome.

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I have now been trialing ReSound ONE9 with M&RIE for 6 days.
The most valuable part of ONE9 is that I have directional bias on sounds. I sat around at the back yard with eyes closed and could tell where sound was coming from. I have also been trialing Oticon MORE which is a very good product but I seem to just get sound but origination point is hard to pinpoint. ReSound ONE gives me a good directional bias and great sound. There still needs to be some tweaking for high frequency which comes out as very sharp and cut off is not easy on ears.
Overall, once I get to test this in an auditorium (tomorrow) then I will be able to make the final cut.

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I’m on my final week of my One trial. Unfortunately the receivers with the additional mic did not fit my small ear canals. They were physically tight and created feedback. I’ve done two weeks with the new receivers that only have the single mic. It’s a good hearing aid but I’m not quite sold. Next Thursday, I’ll begin the Oticon More trial. Wish me luck!

If possible, try the KS10 at Costco. I would like to hear your comparison between the two aids you have mentioned and the KS10 aids.
Should be interesting. Three great aids.