Resound omnia pictures

The microphone is a lot more sensitive now. The encased mold has a new wax trap but i like how the hearing aid hangs on the ear… good design

Quality is good in quiet and can hear in noise with CI pretty well


It is way different now than before and is black and it look like it has the feature of a miniture speaker grill and is bigger too

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Interesting the way the wire leaves the HA body, too!

Yeah, they went and did what Signia has been doing for many years, the One’s are the same, a flat 8pin type that sits further down the HAs

I’m wondering how things work for you bilateral/streaming? Are you using the Cochlear Necleus app and what kind of cell phone ?

I have both the nucleus resound app, streaming has issue where one gets it first and the other gets it later, Limitation of the Android ASHA protocol , i had this issue since the quattro when ASHA was released. however streaming from a resound streaming devices with both omnia and h n7 or iOS works fine without any double talk from my experience with old quattro hearing aid and n7

they both pair fine without programming the sound processor or the hearing aid to be “paired for iOS devices”. they did not get that working because it was so new that cochlear custom sound mapping software needed to be updated before pairing.

I have android 12 based device Samsung z flip 3

I wonder if that port is also a wired programming port as well.

The receiver connection you mean? but no, that would be a first, the One and Ommia are wireless only I believe.