Resound no longer supporting Iphone SE on ReSound Smart 3D app


My wife and I recently purchased Resound Forte 8 hearing aids and downloaded the ReSound Smart 3D app on our iPhone SE’s which worked perfectly to Bluetooth phone calls to our aids. After the apple 11.4 update, the streaming to our aids on phone calls ceased to work. Going back to Costco to try and resolve the issue, we found out while our Costco assistant talked to ReSound that ReSound no longer supported the iPhone SE although it was a listed phone in our new manual. ReSound still list support for the 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6SE, 6Plus and all newer phones. The iPhone SE is still available to purchase new, and has the same chip as all the 6’s, This seems to not make any sense since the operating system is much newer than the iPhone 5’s. The ability to stream phone calls to our aids was one of the deciding factors in our decision to purchase ReSound Forte aids.


Check with Apple. For a period of time, you can regress the upgrade. I suggest contacting Apple ASAP.


Thanks, I wondered about that but Verizon said I could not do that. Apple would be a much better source to check. The only problem with that is I would be faced with living without the ability to do future upgrades without ending up at the same place. Oh technology or the lack thereof.


If they provide the regression, that wouldn’t keep you from an upgrade later. You would just want to verify that the problem was fixed.


I think you do not even need the app to connect to the phone. In the phone go to settings-general-accessibility-mfi hearing devices. Tell it to forget the devices. Then the phone will start searching. Open/close your battery doors. The phone will find the HAs.


One note…and from personal experience, it is true and necessary.

When the phone and HAs are connecting, you will get a pair request for each HA.
Press ok.

Evidently, the full exchange of info is very pokey. I was skeptical until experiencing it first hand


I don’t think you can regress the upgrade. After spending 45 minutes with Apple Support, and going into an Apple Store, they both told me the upgrade couldn’t be “downgraded”. This was 2 days after my download of 11.4 to my iphone SE. The manager at the store said that Apple is aware of the problem and will come out with a software fix. I am going to give it a couple of weeks, and may just try an ipphone 7 or 8 if nothing happens.


6/20/2018 I just wrote back/forth with customer service. They believe it will ultimately be rectified by an iOS update and suggested being diligent in keeping the phone’s operating system up to date.