Resound Multi Mic pairing with Enya aids

Hi, Just wondering why my Resound Multi-Mic is not working with Enya aids? I do everything per book - press connect button with aids off, then closing battery door, hear the signal telling that aids and multi-mic are connected. BUT… no sound coming to the aids. Remote works, but won’t show 4th program which should be streaming.What’s wrong here? AIds do work, same with Multi-Mic, signal tels pairing is successful,… But no streaming!!! And, is there an option to control aids volume via aids’ push-button? There is button, but looks like it only works for changing programs. Thanks

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Unsure, but is it necessary to use programming software to enable a program?

I don’t think so, but I tried with programming as well, with no result. Anyway, looks like I found reason, Enya 2 supports only Remote as wireless accessory.
What is a bit confusing, though, is that I hear beep as a signal of successful pairing with Multi Mic

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