Resound Metrix, Unitron Indigo

I’m going to be getting two new hearing aids next week. I have permanent hearing loss in the mids and highs in my right ear and the highs in my left ear. I have Meniere’s that adds additional hearing loss, but that changes from day to day. The ringing it produces also changes.

The 3 hearing aids I’m looking at (she recommended the brands) for my bad ear are the Resound Metrix, Starkey Destiny 1200 and Unitron Indigo. I’ve read the opinions about the Starkey Destiny so you don’t have to say anything about that if you don’t want to.

For my good ear, I’ll probably get a lower model in the same brand. One thing I realized though is that I’m going to need something that can deal with my changing hearing in that ear. Sometimes I may not need to wear it. Sometimes I’ll desperately need to wear it.

I’ve been using a Starkey Mesa for 18 months in my bad ear and I hate it.

Any opinions would be helpful! I’ve been wading through all the technical information and sometimes it just helps to have someone’s opinion.

With Meniere’s Disease, many patients often have fluctuating hearing day to day.

Thus using digital hearing aids with no user controlled volume controls are often not the best idea. Thus, the use of VC’s and even remote controls can be a great choice.

In addition, multi memory buttons can be used effectively to set in programs for different power settings.

If you really are looking for something very good and at a great price, the new Phonak UNA has been a great aid for many of our patients, as it has 4 user programs and volume controls on all ITC, ITE and BTE products and pricing should be roughly $1,200-$1,900 each.

There are many other great alternatives with volume controls and/or multi memories that you may want to explore.