ReSound M&RIE- worth it for one ear?

Hey everyone!

I’m using the Resound M&RIE receiver and I can use it with a power dome. There is a little feedback compared to if I had a regular receiver in the ear. This feedback isn’t awful. It mainly occurs if the receiver isn’t deep enough or if I hold my hand up to my ear (duh!).

But if I use a regular receiver, then I have no feedback. I’m happy with the dome as earmolds don’t work well with my ears.

I previously had a Linx2 hearing aid and so have had experience with RIE instruments. I haven’t yet been in restaurants with the M&RIE, where maybe it makes more of a difference. I just have one Resound and one Cochlear, so Ultra Focus is not a feature (binaural fitting of Resound required).

Anyone feel the M&RIE is a big help?

I’m feeling underwhelmed. But haven’t used the receiver in varied situations yet.


I only used the philips about a month before these so don’t have a lot to compare to. That being said, the one thing that the m&rie has that will keep me using it is wind noise reduction. When using the mics in the bte on this and the philips, in heavy wind it would always sound like static. With the m&rie it sounds like wind. As I am frequently out in wind this is a huge thing for me. If it wasn’t for that I am not sure which way I’d go. It is interesting that whenever it switches to audio streaming (like when I get a phone notification) it turns the m&rie off and I can tell the sound difference. I seem to prefer the m&rie setting, otoh it’s also what I’m used to right now so there’s that… :grin:

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Thanks! That’s good to know about. I leave wind noise reduction off on my hearing aid as it can be aggressive. Having natural wind noise reduction is an answer to that! I’ll have to try it out.

Does M&RIE help in noisy restaurants?

If your aid is programmed with the All Around program with its default All Access Directionality the M&RIE mic only works in quiet environments. In noisy environments the in the ear mic isn’t active.

Oh gotcha. I assume it has All Access enabled. I have an All Around program. The Ultra Focus was not an available feature to add to programs since it only will show up if programming two Resound ONEs. I have a Cochlear device on the other side.

So, without Ultra Focus, do I have All Access Directionality?

You would have to ask your audiologist or fitter, as there are several directionality options for each program.

For example, All Access is the default for All Around, Autoscope is the default for Restaurant, and Omni is the default for Music.

I’m not surprised that you don’t notice much benefit from the M&RIE receiver. With two aids the sound is more natural, but the big benefit is in being able to use the pinna effect to help you determine where the sound is coming from. Without binaural coordination I suspect you aren’t getting much benefit from a M&RIE receiver.

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Hmmm. Interesting. I’m wondering though if at least it’ll help with detecting where a cell phone is when I use Tile to ring my phone.

The Cochlear device is compatible with Resound for streaming purposes, due to their Alliance, and I anticipate more integration hopefully with future Cochlear and Resound devices in features that rely on two devices.

But, I get much better directionality in my implanted ear compared to before the cochlear implant. So I’m hoping the pinna effect in my Resound, in quiet situations allows me even slightly better directionality when searching for my phone, etc. with the combination of Cochlear, because directionality for that ear is improved just by having the implant.

So, maybe it would help as an enhancement / reinforcement to the Cochlear implant.

But does the mic-in-the-ear only activate in quiet? I had heard it could be helpful in restaurants. Sigh.

Your audiologist can program the all around program to use M&RIE as the directionality program rather than All Access . Or better yet set up two all around programs. One with each. The M&RIE directionality will keep those mics on even in noisy situations.

I’ve found with my loss (left ear very good, right ear not), that I’ve had large problems with directionality as well as in restaurants. I really like the M&RIE directionality setting in all around in those situations.

I was going to say just that ;). I did that myself.

I also highly recommend the ultra focus mode instead of restaurant. However, I’ve found recently, unless it’s incredibly noisy I leave it in all around with m&rie in restaurants. Yes there is a lot of other noise but even though I don’t think it’s great I find that I’m hearing other people better than the others at the table and am always surprised :grin:

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And exactly the same for me on this!


@member72 can’t have Ultra Focus as he hasn’t got 2 x Aids as he has a Cochlear in the other ear.

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Can I have the mics on even in noisy situations if I can’t have Ultra Focus due to having Cochlear in the other ear?

I believe the restaurant setting works with only one HA and does work in those situations.

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But when does M&RIE kick in with only one hearing aid? Is it just quiet settings? Thanks! I think wind noise reduction was something mentioned though!

In the all around default setting I’m not sure. If you set it to m&rie it’s always on.

In general I find it difficult to know whether the mics in the bte work when I selected m&rie but overall I don’t really care as long as it sounds good :wink:

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Yeah. My audiologist confirmed that M&RIE doesn’t do much beyond maybe wind noise in a one ear fitting. So hopefully Resound and Cochlear will be more integrated in the future similar to Advanced Bionics and Phonak. So I’ll be switching to a regular receiver.

The ONE is a terrific hearing aid though.

I appreciate all of your responses!

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Interestingly, Resound didn’t include Sound Shaper (frequency compression) or Spatial Sense (maybe this isn’t required with M&RIE) in their M&RIE receivers. But this and Spatial Sense are available in the Standard receivers.


Resound ONE Datasheet (M&RIE)

Resound ONE Datasheet (Standard receivers)