Resound LS961-DRW Problems Streaming through iPhone

I use an iPhone6s plus with my Resound hearing aids (LS961) to stream phone calls, music and the sound from video directly from the phone to my hearing aids.

Ever since the IOS 13, including the most recent updates that followed from Apple, I have had issues with streaming sound, especially from a phone call from my phone to my hearing aids.

I find myself routinely having to go into my phone settings and remove or “Forget” my hearing aids and the “Repair” them so that I can stream phone calls again.

I was very impressed with Resound up until these new issues. I am beginning to shop for new hearing aids. These streaming connection issue has me question if Resound will be best for me.

Anyone having similar problems and a fix besides “Reparing” the hearing aids all the time?

Since the IOS upgrade, I’ve been unable to pair my hearing aids at all. Still trying to find a fix.

Welcome to the forums!

There are many posts about issues with iOS 13.x if you scan the forum, or use the search function (looks like a magnifying glass at the upper right of the forums, just to the left of your avatar).

Like this:

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Wow! Thanks. Can’t believe all the problems. Thank you!

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Update to 13.1.3 and most issues go away. Uninstall the apo and reinstall. Make sure to go into accessibility and forget the hearing aids.

Two IOS devices will fight over the hearing aids. Turning off Bluetooth on the unused iOS device will fix that issue.

I’ll give it a try. Uninstall the app and unpair the hearing aids. Reinstall everything like new. But the only Bluetooth I have connected is my Apple Watch. I’ll let you know how it works out. Thanks.

Also, when you re-pair…allow the pairing process to take about a solid 2 minutes. The iPhone will indicate pairing done, but there is more going on behind the scenes. The watch is immaterial.

Deleted Resound Smart App
Opened battery doors to hearing aids
Forgot/Unpaired hearing aids
Shut down iPhone for several minutes
Started up iPhone
Downloaded Resound Smart App
Closed hearing aid battery doors
Went into settings and Re-paired hearing aids
And waited several minutes as bells sounded and the hearing aids worked though the pairing
Opened the Resound out, checked the agreement, allowed Bluetooth “when using app” an skipped the demo and went to the Home of the Resound app
Noticed that the Resound app set itself up while I waited, as you suggested.
I will see how it works now and will let you know how it goes.
Again, thank you for helping me.

I hope it all goes well for you.

Thank you. All working well. Sometimes the connection between my iPhone and hearing aids lose their connection. Usually have to go through a full re-pairing to correct. I’m working on how to seamlessly transfer hearing with my hearing aids back and forth from iPhone and iPad. Shutting off Bluetooth on one works at the onset but then shutting off the Bluetooth one the initial device to switch to the other device does not cause the an auto reconnect. I need to re-pair again. I may call Apple care.