Resound Live vs. Resound Alera

I’m currently trailing the Resound Live 7 series. I’m amazed at the natural sound quality I’ve experienced so far in my first day and a half. They are the first aids I’ve worn in over 10 years. Next week when I go back I’m gonna trial the new Alera 7 series. The Audi wasn’t familiar with the new aid yet though she had them in her closet. Said she would spend the week familiarizing with them and the new features. (wireless).

Here is my question. What can I expect in sound quality in going from a domed BTE aid to a RITE aid? I’m so happy with these Lives, that I don’t want to give them up. But I want the wireless features that the Alera’s offer. Any thoughts?

Is your Live 7 a BTE or RIE? And what sort of dome do you have on it? You would likely have the same size dome when you move to the Alera…

dr. amy

Dr Amy

The live 7’s are BTE with the tulip dome. Not sure what size. I do have large canals. Do you think the occlusion may be a problem with the Alera’s? Feedback?

Thanks for the reply!


If you have a tulip dome, thats still considered an “open-fit” so you will probably stay with a tulip dome when you transition to the Aleras. Alera’s feedback manager is essentially the same as the Lives - do you get any feedback now?

I think you’ll love the Aleras if you like your Lives. Sound quality is still great as reported by patients and the wireless streaming has been quite successful :slight_smile:

dr. amy

I have no feedback now. Thanks for reassuring me. I’ve been trying to find something wrong with these so I can feel better about the Alera’s. So far I can’t. Well… They arent wireless. Lol.

The Audi said there was only 3 programs that can be programed in the lives. It says on the resound web site there is 4. I saw on her software there was only three tabs for programs??? Don’t know much about the software other than that’s what she was going by. Is her software out of date?

Thanks Amy.


P.s. I should have just drove to Cincinatti and let you fit me. I’d have more confidence in you than her.