Resound Live BTE -- disassembly/battery contact repair/replacement

Hello everybody –

One of the battery contacts on one of my Resound Live BTE aids broke off. Cheapest quote I’ve found for repair is $US225 (which in Canadian dollars is enough to buy a car). I tried all the internet repair places I could find – combing the posts on this forum – but most won’t deal with Canada.

So anyway I took it apart to see if I could fix it myself. Unfortunately I’m not sure what the next step is. The contact seems to be glued into the overall glob of the insides of the aid. I’m wondering if anybody here knows what the next step in disassembly should be and/or the best way to get the contact out.

Question 2 of course is where to get parts, assuming the repair is even possible.

I figure I’ll end up kludging something together, probably by soldering some kind of contact onto the remaining bit of the broken one. Any ideas/suggestions?

Picture attached…

[edit] Thanks!!

You might try They accept credit cards so the exchange rate shouldn’t be a problem. Good people and they try to accommodate.