Resound Linx2

Love these but still have issues with spoken word. Would raising the treble help with this issue? I normally turn the bass up but figure this may be why I am not hearing softer sounds well enough?

Some of us have ongoing problems with soft speech or the speech of some individuals. It often relates to our word recognition scores. All the software for various brands have features that try to help soft speech, noise, etc. But they are general solutions that don’t satisfy everyone. Your fitter can tweak that and hopefully make it better. I’ve had excellent fitters and still have problems. It is just the way it is for some of us. Hopefully, you’ll find better results. Don’t give up on working with your fitter to find the best results. Rather than just changing the main program, you might use the added programs to have the old and new fitting and compare the changes to see what works best. That should give you a better idea of what the changes mean to your success.

I know on an I phone you can download the resound app and do your own minor adjustments with bass and treble, I don’t know if you can with an android? …but you need to adjust it every time you start up your HA’s… I did this and when I found what I liked I went in and told my audi just what I wanted for adjustments

Audiologist has a lot more tools available besides bass/treble. They can make soft sounds louder without making other sounds louder. Raising treble may very well help, but the audiologist can likely do a lot more.

Ok cool I’ll get with my audiologist soon. VA takes a while for appointments so I have to do walk in.

Screw the VA go private! Don’t put up with their BS!