Resound Linx2

I have a pair of Resound Linx2 that continue to give me fits. The units amplify everything around me except the person talking to me. Been back to the audiologist a dozen times and we continue to adjust. Had custom ear molds made, still can’t keep up with a conversation. Changing modes from normal to Party doesn’t do anything and the sound enhancer is a joke.
If anyone has any suggestions please pass them along. Also ready for a second opinion in Dallas ages. If anyone can recommend a Resound specialist please forward. For 7,000 dollars I hoped for more.

Perhaps you should request the Resound rep be at your next appointment to try and help solve the problems you are having. Good luck!


which model of the linx2 do you have exactly? There is a 5, 7 and 9 I think.

If you have had a lot of tweaks then it is probably time to start again with resetting them to baseline. Try NAL-NL2 fitting formula with real ear measurements and the ReSound rep doing the programing.