Resound Linx2 mold slipping out of ear

Folks, My first hearing aids and I’ve had them about two weeks. Resound Linx2. Great improvement in the hearing department. My one major problem is that I am continuously pushing the ear molds back into the ear canal. They keep working out and I push them back in 2 pr 3 times per hour. These are custom molds fitted to my ear. Anyone have any experience with this? Appreciate any input.

Again seriously? Go back to where you bought them and explain your problem. 99.9% sure they will simply have the mold remade.

Thank you Doc, I will give that a try

The fact that my tulip domes kept slipping enough that I was constantly giving them a little push in was one of the reasons I got custom molds. When I ordered, the audi showed me the choices available. She suggested starting with the plainest form factor, which is what I did. Mine are simply in the canal molds, but there were several other choices with extensions that curved along the shape of the outer ear. If I still had a problem with slippage with the plain mold, we would have tried those other designs. If yours keep slipping and don’t have any of those additions, maybe those would be worth trying?