Resound Linx2 issues

I have a pair of Linx2 with custom ear molds that have been nothing but trouble. One hearing aid will pick up a sound then go mute yet when I open and close the unit I can clearly hear the chime. I have had them back 4 times now and still am not hearing clearly. Anybody out there seen this and have a solution. I love my hearing specialist but am considering another opinion. Mayday

I had a similar problem with the Linx2 HAs. I too one back to the audiologist and told him my right HA was not working. He showed me that it was and that my problem is that my hearing loss in my left ear is so great that any sounds are amplified in that ear. After a couple of level adjustments my HAs were better balanced. I think he lowered the loudness in my left ear and raised it in my right. He told me that I may need some more adjusting to make both ears sound normal. Good luck.

I have had issues with these since I got them. I have gone thru multiple receivers and have replaced one entire unit already. It’s only been 2 months!
i think it has something to do with the app causing the problems,but can’t pinpoint what does it. I have now
sent info to ReSound tech support and have made it clear to the audiologist that this is just not an acceptable situation.
ill be curious to see what they come back with later this week. I’m glad I contacted their support group last month so at least the issue has been well documented.

Receiver replaced today and unit works again. Audi. said all mfgs have some issues but it seems like I have read about more receiver failure on this model than on some others.

Do other people have problems like this on different brands ?

I have had a unit replace along with a couple of RIC. Your frequency seems unusual. Picking up a dehumidifier might help. The one I use is just over $10 and you can renew it yourself.