Resound linx2 9

3rd time in about 18 months I have had to get a HA replaced…left ear twice and right ear once…it starts with some background static then within a couple days it dies… anyone else having issues with the linx2 9??

Just now having static in right ear. First problem in 4 months with Linx 2 9. Did you ever figure out what causes this? I tried things to diagnose like changing battery and running dryer and turning off all local bluetooth devices.

Are you using a dryer? I recently began to use a dryer overnight. Could this be bad for these units?

I attend many concerts but never change my program from my normal hearing program…the audi thinks the loud music was breaking the mic’s causing the static…he lowered my overall decibel level…will have to wait and see… and no I do not use a dryer

Yes. Seems like I go in every month for some sort of repair. The units IMO are not worth 7k+. Recently they just go into a mute mode the instant they sense noise and the only way to temporarily restore them is ones and close. So embarrassing when you are trying to conduct business. I plan to shelve them this fall and try to find an in ear manufacturer that is dependable.

Similar problem here, have replaced 4 receivers to date in less than a year. I think it has something to do with the app. While,usually it is ok, I noticed when I’m running certain other apps I hear popping and noise. Soon enough the left side goes. I feel so bad for my audiologist who has been great,at replacing these.
I went on eBay and ordered 2 spare receivers so when they blow out on me I have spares. Wish resound would address this problem, I’m sure they are aware of it.

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Please tell me where to buy the tools necessary to replace the receivers. Thank you.

Many of us have issues with this.
I’m on reciever 5 in one year. I notice popping and static most
often when I am running certain apps.

I bought 2 spare receivers on eBay just to have these on hand.

Wish I could figure out how to shape,the wire since it keeps popping out of my ear.