Resound LinX2 9 3D

Hi All,

I live in the UK and have ordered a couple of Resound Linx9 3d hearing aids due to be delivered and fitted next week.

I am moving away from NHS but have been wear NHS resounds for a few years.

I’d like fun control of these hearing aids, self programming.

My question is do Audiologist lock these devices? Since I have bought them myself I see them as my property and would not like them locked and want the freedom and flexibility to manage them myself.

Is there a way for me to unlock them?

And… once unlocked, what will I need to program them myself from either my mac or windows laptop.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

First of all…welcome. Don’t forget to enter your audiogram here.

I’m not 100% certain that they’re not locked but I don’t think they are. (that was a bunch of double negatives :slight_smile: ) Someone else will know for sure.
I don’t think there are Mac versions of the fitting software. You can emulate Windows but that could open some complexities.
You’ll need a programming box like a HIPro/minipro or possibly the NoahLink Wireless. Two kinds of cables if not wireless.
Then go read at length in the DIY category. pvc is the expert on all things DIY. He has been an outstanding resource here for some time.

Have a read about ‘How to self program’.

I’ve never heard of them being locked. Smart Fit only supports a few programming interfaces. I was able to find a Airlink2 (Noahlink) device on ebay UK for a bargain price right after I got my aids. The smart fit software I found on the Resound Canada site.

The Airlink2 is really the only practical way I think on the Linx3Ds. Supposedly there are adapter cables to get them to work with the hipro but I’ve no experience with that.

@mthomas_uk: What you want is either a HiPro with CS44 cables and boots, or a NOAHlink Wireless (or an AirLink 2, which can be flash upgraded to a NOAHlink Wireless).

You’ll also need ReSound SmartFit software, which included Aventa 3.10 for older HA’s.

Thanks everyone. Sadly I am unable to locate anyone in the Uk selling any products to connect these devices. Ebay offers them from China but I am not sure.

Appart from holding my Audiologist hostage, anyone know where you can get these products from to program LinX3d in the UK or are we not allowed to ask?

You are not looking in the correct places. What product are you interested in purchasing? Also this is the DIY category so you can ask whatever you choose to ask.

Also I’m not sure?? Did you get the hearing aids from NHS or from a private practice?

I bought my hearing aids from a private practice. Can anyone point me to a supplier or is anyone selling the equipment needed to tweek these myself. I have the smart sound (Resound) programming software - I just need the hardware.


Yes, what hardware do you need/want?

Think I am after this Airlink2 (Noahlink) which I gather I can flash to connect to my Resounds

You say Noahlink when you mean Noahlink Wireless, There’s a Big Difference;

You should be able to get this in the UK for a reasonable price. I will send you a PM, meanwhile;
Go into the SmartFit software and create a client

  1. Choose a pair of hearing aid models from a list that match your model
  2. Use connection assistance for each of the different fitting devices (Hi Pro, Noahlink Wireless, other) to see a simulation of how to connect each.

Like this;