Resound Linx Quattro, Phonak Marvel, OticonOPN1 NEW MEMBER!



I recently changed from Resound Smart 3d to Phonak Audeo M. The Resounds worked fine, but I wanted the hands free phone call feature of the Phonak. I think you are right to try out hearing aids yourself and see if they work for you.


Have you tried Resound Linx Quattro? I followed some of your video’s and comments, am I wrong to state you have preference for Phonak? Can you please explain if you have an interest in Phonak?

Kind regards


Quattro is meant to be getting the full Android upgrade at the beginning of Q3 this year.

I like the GN charging case too.


Great news! Do you know if it will work with Android P or will it require a phone running Android Q (the next, upcoming version of Android)? Since my Galaxy Note 8 will get Android P but Samsung probably won’t bother to provide an Android Q update for it, it’s an important difference to me.

BTW, Geoffrey Cooling’s view of where he sees things going in 2019. He’s an Irish hearing aid blogger and I think Abram Bailey has previously cited him as a friendly acquaintance. Although Cooling says that he’s impartial (he wrote The Little Book of Hearing Aids, which he updates annually), he does seem to have more enthusiasm for some brands than others: