Resound Linx Quattro, Phonak Marvel, OticonOPN1 NEW MEMBER!



Hi everyone, first of all, i am new here and I am from Spain so i apologize if i make an error

Im 17 years old and my hearing loss is moderate to severe with especial problems with high frecuency loss.

I am going to buy new hearing aids because the previous ones are too old (6 years)
The thing is that, my audi, led me the resound linx quattro and I was pretty happy with them but, i tried the oticon opn1 with rem and they sound totally diferent. They sounded higher and i could hear all the noises
like the ventilator in the audi room that until now had not heard. The problem is that, when you someone get close to the oticon, it sounds a lot and everyone can hear it so its a pity. My audi its going to do a custom mold to try to solve that.

Howewer, I also asked my audi if i could try the phonak marvel but she advised against saying that phonak doesnt go well with high frecuency loss. Despite that, I am going to try them.

Whick hearing aid of those three do you recommend me?


Without seeing your Audiogram it would be hard to say. I have the OPN1s custom in the ear hearing aids and I love them. I hav never been able to hear this good with hearing aids before. My loss is severe and my word recognition with out hearing aids is almost nonexistent. But with my aids I can hear very well in noisy environments and my speech recognition is also vert good. But will they work for that is something you can only know.


The oticon sounds a lot and so noisy when someone get closed to them. do you have that problem?


Not at all I love the background sounds and I have even complained to my Audi that my aids are filtering out to much of the useful sounds, but I am finding as my brain gets use to what my aids are providing I am hearing even more useful sounds. I love the outdoors and I love the sounds of nature and I am hearing more all the time.

But my hearing is different and I love what ever sounds I can hear


When I tried the oticon (it was just an hour) i went to a busy street and i could hear everything: conversation of other people walking around, and many things but i also think that they are a bit too loud( fitted with rem). Also, there is an annoying beep when you touch you aid or someone get closed. With Resound this does not happen


Doesn’t sound like the feedback fit was done or the domes you were given was correct for you. That is a fitting issue that the Audi should have taken care of. And to be honest it takes a lot longer than an hour with them to get use to them. I have had my aids for almost three months now and I am still recognizing new sounds and my brain is also relearning what to filter out and how to recognize other sounds.


Oh my gosh. Not true. Look at my hearing loss. I’m using the Costco version of the Phonak Audeo B90 and I’m hearing things I haven’t heard since I was your age, which was a long time ago.

My usual problem with new hearing aids is that I can’t hear quiet voices so I have to have soft sounds turned up. Soft sounds, medium sounds, and loud sounds all have separate adjustments, so you can turn up soft sounds without blowing up loud sounds. Keep that in mind, everything is adjustable.


You should really post your audiogram on your profile so people can have an idea of your type of hearing loss so they can give you better advice.

When you get close to someone or when you put your hands close to your ear, what you hear is the feedback from the OPN. That’s most likely because your audi didn’t bother to run the feedback analyzer and turn on the feedback manager for you before sending you out to try it out for an hour. If the feedback is analyzed and managed, this issue should go away.

The fact that you seem to hear more sounds with the OPN is simply because that’s how it’s designed, to let you hear everything. You may hear less sounds with the other hearing aids because they probably decide for you that you don’t want to hear too much noise so they try to block out what they think is noise for you automatically. If you think that the external sounds/noises on the OPN is too loud, that’s because you’re not quite use to it yet. Just turn down to a comfortable volume in the beginning. You can probably increase the volume slowly after a few weeks until you feel more comfortable with it. It’s simply acclimatization. During this time, the volume button is your best friend. Or you can have your audi set up an automatic acclimatization period for you where the volume is gradually increased.

Nobody can recommend which of those 3 aids for you because they’re not you. You need to try them all out and decide for yourself.


Thanks a lot. I definitely should try them more time.i have posted my audiogram in the first post.
I dont know how to post it on my profile with the smartphone


You should post your audiogram on your profile so anyone can see it on your icon at any time. The way you did it (posting it on your first post) is not a good way to do it because many people can miss it.

Your audiogram is a typical ski slope loss that’s fairly symmetrical. So it’s fairly common and not too challenging to fit, so most hearing aids should be able to work well for you. Now it’s just a matter for you to find which one you like the most in terms of sound and speech understanding in noisy environment.


@santiagomartincaro What Volusiano’s saying is for the little extra work to add your audiogram to your profile/avatar, it saves everyone else a LOT of time finding your audiogram to reference what sort of hearing loss you’re talking about.

The image you uploaded is just attached to your one initial post in this thread. The audiogram as part of your avatar, as perhaps you have easily figured out, “goes with you” wherever you post in the forum. So if in another thread, you respond to someone, “My hearing is different from yours but I …”, that person can immediately look at that post, click on your avatar and see what you mean. And it saves all the wasted server space if everyone were to upload an image of their audiogram every time they wanted to make a comparative point or ask for advice on their relative hearing loss. The other advantage of doing it is that you can screen capture from your profile a beautiful, colorful image of your site audiogram that you can share elsewhere. The color gradient of degree of hearing loss increasing from top to bottom is very helpful when you show anyone else anywhere else your Hearing Tracker audiogram.

P.S. Here’s a link to how to enter your audiogram:


Check this out!!


I have the Phonak Marvels and I love them. They definitely cover the high frequencies as they are capable (as are the Resound Quattros) of over 9K which is well above what most people can hear. As others have said, you should try all three and see which one you prefer. It sounds like your Audiologist is pushing you toward the Resound Quattros which are fairly recent (August 2018 release) technology and have a really good app. The Oticon OPN aids are somewhat older technology (April 2016) but they are supposedly coming out with new aids soon and it is possible the older aids might be able to upgrade through a firmware update however at this point that is just speculation. The Marvels are the newest (November 2018 release) and they have been excellent for me but the app is much less robust then the Resound Quattros so if you like to tinker a lot with adjusting various programs on the aids, the Quattros might be a better solution. The Marvels are totally hands free for phone calls and go into both ears for both Apple and Android phones and they are outstanding for music stereo streaming into both ears as well. Other people have mentioned what you said about the OPN aids picking up too much sound, but as CVKemp indicated that may just take time to adjust. I did have a rough time initially with the Marvels being too loud as these are my first aids, but now that I’m about six weeks in I don’t find the high frequency noises as annoying much at all (e.g. dishes banging on granite, knives chopping on granite, chip bags rustling, etc.).


They’re supposedly coming out with an upgraded app in the future (apart from the recent small updates) which should supposedly give you more options within the app. Aside from that it’s been claimed that the Marvel’s are so good, that you don’t really have to use an app (not sure about that since I am still waiting for my trial to start).


I thought the point he made was excellent, but would have been nice he could have shared some specifics: Like, if you’re a tinkerer and really want an app that offers a lot of control, lean towards Resound or Widex. It would be really neat to have a chart that addressed strong and weak points of assorted hearing aids. I think your hearing aid selection tool is an attempt to deal with the issue, but being able to see it in graphic form might be very helpful, or perhaps a flow chart form. The video really does do a great job of explaining why we can’t give a meaningful recommendation to somebody who asks “What hearing aid should I get?”


Thanks everybody. I have put my audiogram on my profile. I will try the phonak marvel and then I will decide. I dont mind the quality of the app because I dont use it.

The Resound linx quattro have improved a lot with the rem


Santiago, you might want to use each hearing aid you try in a noisy restaurant with some friends to see how well you can hear your friends talking to you and talking to each other. If possible, get the same group of friends together in the same restaurant at a time when the restaurant is busy. Do this for each set of hearing aids you try.
A noisy restaurant with many conversations going on at the same time is the hardest situation for a hearing aid to handle. If it seems like one of the hearing aid models allows you to hear best in that situation, maybe that is the model you should choose.


Santiago, also if you are considering the Oticon Opn1 you might want to wait a couple months before buying because Oticon is releasing a new model to replace the Opn1 in a few weeks.


It depends on where you live the new ones are only in n Europe and the U.K. is my understanding


Having read @Don’s post and others about custom molds, I’m going to give those a try and see if that makes a listening experience that I love even better. I’m going for silicone molds with Select-A-Vent.

Not sure if the link below is the best reference to Don’s description of what his molds do for him but it is reading some of his posts and those by others that’s motivated me to get up off my butt and give molds a try. Will set me back $100 a piece and the audi will use my existing receivers. Says the molds and the receivers are readily replaceable if either one craps out independently of the other, so that’s good to know, too.