Resound Linx & One comparison

I wear Resound Linx 9 hearing aids. I’m thinking about upgrading to Resound One. I’m interested in what others have to say who have upgraded to Resound One.

I think the microphone in the ear is very interesting in the resound one. It would use your ear pina to improve hearing. My question is does it get clogged up.

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I went from the Resound Linx 3D to the Resound Quattro’s. you have to have a certain hearing loss profile to actually make use of the third microphone on the Resound One’s and I didn’t fall within the range.


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My hearing loss is too great being in the severe to profound. I find it interesting to stick a microphone in your ear canal and use the ear as a natural way. Based on what I have be told it more for the mild to moderate hearing loss. I like to know if it gets clogged up more often or not. Also it could lead to different approaches to treat different types of hearing loss in the future. Who knows but it is an interesting technology. I believe it is Microphone AND RECEIVER IN THE CANNAL excuse the cap as the auto correct is stuck. Thanks for the input look forward to talking to you again.

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The Resound One extra mic in the canal is on the outside of the hearing aid towards fresh air, not inside next to your eardrum. So no reason why it should get clogged.


There is a third option that fits in the ear like a ric but has a mic. It is only for certain types of hearing loss. That is what we were talking about. It is called mic in the canal.

Yes I know. That is what I am talking about too. The mic is on the outside of the RIC. You aren’t going to get much influence of the pinnae on the sound discrimination of the mic if it is the other side of the RIC, deep inside someone’s head!

Putting the mic on the inside would be rather too good at generating feedback too, wouldn’t you think?

That’s different from the one I was shown. The one I was shown was in the canal. There also is a video on it. It will not help my hearing loss so I didn’t follow up with it. This is for the resound one. But I do see potential for the technology.

There are videos on Resound’s website. They refer to it as receiver and microphone in the ear although occasionally they say in the canal which of course it is, just in the outer part of the canal, but watch the videos to see.

Anyway common sense tells you the microphone can’t be on the inside!

Thank for the information.