ReSound LiNX not working with Apple Watch Series 4

Currently using a Bluetooth GN-Resound Linx H/A’s along with an non cellular I-Watch 4. Ever since I started to use the watch along with my I Phone Pro Max the left H/A either stops working or the volume is reduced. Plus the Resound app won’t connect to the H/A’s. Powering off the watch and finally doing a reset on the watch didn’t do any good either. After removing the watch from my I-Phone account and un-pairing the watch the H/A’s are working normally. Currently running IOS 13.3.3 on my phone

I have the Oticon OPN aids and the app for the Apple Watch. I find that 2 things happen. First the watch app stops connecting to the iPhone app. And 2 the watch and iPhone apps get out of sync. My aids don’t connect directly to the watch my watch app has to communicate back to the iPhone app and the changes come from the iPhone app. My aids will bounce the volume at times due to the miss connections and sync issues

Am in the market to buy a smart watch and was looking to such details . Will having a smart watch (Apple or another brand) will affect the connection between phone and HA ! I have OPN S1

The only thing I have noticed is at times the watch and iPhone will get out of sync and the aids will start bouncing the volume. When it hopes I disable the Bluetooth on the iPhone then enable it again. This seems to frost the watch and iPhone to sync the the ON app.

Am curious if this only for Apple Watch or other brands too !

I really don’t know, and haven’t heard anyone talking about any of the other smartwatches

I have an iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4, and Resound Link2 aids. I’ve never had any issues with the watch interfering with my aids.

Am think to buy smart watch. And while I have iPhone, I may buy android watch which is able to connect to IPhones, have more features and much more cheaper. Don’t know how they all work together ! I only will need the watch for notifications (not calling or answering)