Resound Linx and iPhone 8


I used my Lynx hearing aids on iPhone 5s with no problem. Switched to iPhone 8 and installed Resound program to the phone, but the iPhone 8 to hearing aids sync takes about 30 seconds to connect a phone call. So there is quite a delay in my hearing aids connecting with the iPhone 8 phone call. I can’t hear person and person cannot hear me, while the multiple clicks are occurring between the hearing aids and iPhone 8. Then if it does connect call to my hearing aids, 50% of the time only 1 hearing aid is connected and it varies whether it’s the left aid or the right aid. I have removed Resound from my iPhone 8 and without it, the Lynx hearing aids work better with the phone – calls will then connect to the hearing aids about 80% of the time. I am unsure how that works, with the Resound s/w removed from the iPhone. Anyway, audiologist couldn’t resolve and Resound’s help desk couldn’t resolve problem. Anyone have any ideas how to get my Lynx hearing aids to work with an iPhone 8?



I had a similar issue with the LiNX and my iPhone XS. See this thread (below). I ended up getting new hearing aids. The new ReSound quattros work beautifully with the new iPhones, as do the Phonak Marvels. I trialed both Quattro’s and Marvels, and I’ll be sticking with Marvels.



Three things to try:

  1. Download the new app
    ReSound today released a new Smart app for the Lynx2 devices. You can update your current app or download this one new. Search in your app store for ReSound Smart.
  2. Create a new connection with your phone (the existing one may be damaged)
    Go to Settings->General->Accessibility->Mfi Hearing Devices. Click on your hearing aids shown at the top. On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and “Forget this device.” You’ll get a message asking you to confirm. Once that has been done your phone will start seaching for your hearing aids. You’ll need to open/close your battery doors on the hearing aids to put them in pairing mode. Once your phone sees both devices, click on them and you’ll be then asked to pair them (twice).
  3. Restart your iPhone (just in case it is a phone issue)


And one more thing. Make sure you have the latest operating system on your iPhone. Go to Settings->General->Software Update. Anything below v.12 had noted instability with hearing aids, especially ReSound from my personal experience.



I hope it’s an Autocomplete typo! - and you actually trialed them! Otherwise, it sounds like like an expensive problem! :wink:

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LOL - thanks, fixed!



I have been having connectivity issues with my Resound Linx2 and iPhone for 18 months. The new app does not seem to help. My iPhone is up to date. I followed your instructions and no connectivity issues on the first call. We shall see. Thanks…